What I have learned from humanity from self isolation

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I have learned how much patience I can have without being social with those my age. Of course I do have a twin but I have been with family so long the past few months and more lol. I just can do anything I want to and have a better relationship with family as well. I am more rested and happier at times but also miss my senior friends and all of my friends in general. But I never get to see those senior friends again. They are done. Gone. But also my exes are too so that is good and eh as well.

Other people’s true personalities have come out and I have found my real friends from the people I just talk to because we both go to the same friend group in the same high school. In times of panic is when people come closer together but with a virus they only come together in a weird distant way to end it together. That unless if you are one of those people who are protesting this in huge groups and spreading this. Then shame on you!

I think so yeah. It is really sweet and kinda sad that all of those kids were told they could go to a really fun place and then couldn’t go anymore.That is sad but they made the best out of it. What good parents. Supporting and loving even at the worst of times. We all need someone like that in life and it helps best if they are a parent.

Not the TV one that is not only weird to me but nothing to really brag about haha. I guess this virus is changing us all and when we get out we will be so grateful for the world and everything around us. It is absolutely insane to me the crazy stuff that people are doing instead of just calming down and staying at home. Us Americans be that crazy ex girlfriend/boyfriend huh?

Oh yeah. Anyone who goes out to eat right now is doing it. Same with the protesters of this whole virus stuff. It is so ridiculous. Fast food places have become more busy when they should by regulations be less busy than anything. They say they are doing it because they have rights. Well yeah you have human right but that doesn’t mean go out in a huge group and hurt other people with your foolery! Again, shame on those guys! This all was just based off of my friends telling me stuff and the stuff I have seen recently on the news because of my work as a journalist. Crazy, huh? The end.

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