Book Club Post #2

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I am reading First They Killed my Father. From my last post, a lot has happened in the story. Many family members have died, including Ma, Pa, Geak, and Keav. We also do not know for sure if the two oldert brothers are alive or not. It has now been 4 years since the Ung family has been removed from Phnom Penh. There has been a lot of sorrow and suffering. Currently in the story Loung, Chou, and Kim just met up after a Youn attack, and are now living with a foster family that they do not like very much.

One of the main themes i am still seeing is stay close with your family and never forget your past. The memories of the children’s past, good and bad, makes them able to survive without parents. Also, holding on to there parents teachings and advice has gotten them a long way.

Most of the scenes we picked for the podcast were where someone important died in the book. every time a family member would die, it would take a very heavy toll on each family member, all in a different way. The worst was when Pa died. Ma was waiting for him every night crying, waiting for his return. The family could no longer rely on him, so Kim had to become the man of the house, at only age 13.

My book highlights the Cambodian Civil War. It lasted 4 years, from 1975-1979. The Khmer Rouge was a political party run by a man named Pol Pot. When he took over the Cambodian Government in 1975, he wanted to get rid of big cities, money, and essentially set up an Aragian Utopia. He made families suffer by doing back breaking farm work, while not feeding or cleaning them properly. They also killed anyone who was thought to be a threat to the government. This includes foreigners, people who worked for the former government, anyone with education, and even people who just wore glasses. IT finally ended when the Vietnamese invaded in 1979, and ended to Khmer Rouge.



Book Club Post #1

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The book I am reading is First They Killed my Father. It takes place in Cambodia around the 70’s. Loung, the main character of the book, lives with her family in the city of  Phnom Penh. There is a revolution going on in Cambodia at the time, and the communist group, called the Khmer Rouge, forces there family and many others out of their homes. we then follow Loung and her family through all the places they stay, and all the trials they face. They have to move a lot to keep their identities hidden, because there dad used to work for the government, and because they are capitalists.  One theme you see reoccurring in this book is family comes first. So many times certain family members sacrificed for one another.

My book is an autobiography, So the author is Loung Ung herself. She tells her story of her trials in the revolution. She is now an author and activist. She has written a couple other books, and there is a new Netflix film based on First They Killed my Father.

I am a little less than halfway done with my book. I think soon in the story line the Khmer are going to find out who Loung’s dad really is, and the tension in the story will rise. Her family just barely got separated, so i think they wont see each other for a while now. I also think they will kill the dad soon as well.

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