Beliefs and Actions

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The article “Belief Windows” that we read in class last week was cool cause it shows how you were raised and taught when you were young affects your thinking and how you look at the world.  Like if a child was raised and told the world was terrible, he/she would look at the world as that. Or if a child was raised by parents saying the world was great and are happy all the time the child would that at the world that way.



Literature review

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The story titled “The Story of Heartbreak” is a pretty good story, it fit the depressing and sad mood very well. It could have used some more figurative language, some similies would have made the story quite a bit better. Also, I think that the story should have had more back story to it. Another thing is, the author should have told the readers more about the other characters so that the readers could feel more of a connection to them.

Tell me about it

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I don’t have a lot on my mind. About the only thing on my mind is how I want to be able to listen to music with my earbuds in class. Personally I get more things done when I am listening to music. It helps me focus and not talk to peopl around me. So I think Mr. Green should let the class listen to music as long as its not disturbing others around us, or at least just let me listen to music.

What i’m reading

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I’m reading the Prentice Hall Literature book, it is good in a sense of the variety of stories it has. But each individual story itself is pretty boring. None of the stories and really that interesting and each story is only 4-6 pages long. There are only a few stories that i’ve liked since I have been reading this book.

I could not find a picture of the real literature book so heres this picture of some other literature book.

What kind of writer I am.

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From all these stories we’ve read and wrote, I have learned that writing stories isn’t has hard as I thought it was going to be. My strengths in writing is putting figurative language into the story and finding unique vocabulary and putting it into a story instead of using normal and boring words. I find it hard to find what the stories will be about. Also, I definitely think I need to improve on making the story more interesting and unique.

How I felt about the first story

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I read they’re made out of meat by Terry Bison, it was a very interesting and funny story. There was lots of figurative language, mainly similies and metaphores. I would read this story again, though it was sort of boring around the end because they are talking about the same thing the whole story. Also, the story repeats itself quite a bit. But besides those two things, the story was pretty good.


What I look for in a good character

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What I think makes a good character are quirky traits, and a unique personality. If you have those things the character won’t be like any other character, it will be something new and different than from what we’ve all seen before. One character that I like is Captain Jack Sparrow, he’s very different than other characters we’ve seen in other movies.


Why we read stories

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We read stories because they activate our mind and make us wonder and imagine, stories are for any age. If your 4 you’ll enjoy stories if your 400 you’ll still enjoy stories, they can help you learn how you spell words, they can help you learn completely new words. Stories can even help you fall asleep. Also, since reading helps you with your vocabulary, reading even helps you be an even better communicator. Stories can make you go from a bad mood to a good mood, if you are having a bad day and your reading about fluffy, playful, puppies that want to play with you, how are you still going to be having a bad day?



About me

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I like boxing and being with friends. I occasionally read, only when I forced though. Music is one of my favorite things, I listen to artists like Trippie Redd, XXXTENTACION, A$AP mob, Tyler the creator. There’s nothing else really to say so I will just write about what seems cool, me and my friend Facundo are TrAp LoRds, and hustle in the streets every day. Me and my friend Mylee Tonga are getting married so that’s pretty sick. Me and my boy Mr. Francom are pretty tight, hes my favorite princiPAL, and hes got a shiny head and its pretty gnarly.


Hello world!

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