Love Moderately

Friar Lawrence tells Romeo to love moderately. You should never take something you like and do it too much, because then it doesn’t mean as much. Lets say that you have a really great song that you like to listen to, have you ever wondered why you eventually don’t like that song anymore, it is because you listened to the song too much. I have a couple of CD’s that I don’t really like to listen too anymore, because I listened to them way to many times. When I listen to them I still like them but there is that feeling that is like it’s boring. My brother understands that, so he only has listened to his favorite song a couple of times, because he doesn’t want to ruin it. Friar probably knew that Romeo and Juliet were extremists and would ruin their love without great advice. He tried his best to make it work, but I would assume that they eventually ruin their love, because they can’t do anything moderately.

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Feeling hate is usually off of feelings of remorse and/or pain. We don’t usually just randomly hate a person. How they made us feel determines how we feel about them. Sometimes you will hate someone, even if you don’t know them at all, because they remind you, in the way they act or look, of someone who caused you pain. I would say that I hate those people who go around causing pain. Those people who want to lift them self higher by pushing others down. I also hate those people who are very inappropriate, and who try to get others to be inappropriate. The reason I hate the people who push others down, is because I have been pushed down by this type of people, and it hurts extremely. It also hurts when they push my friends down. The reason I hate those who are inappropriate is ¬†because they make me feel uncomfortable when I am around them.

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Should School’s Still Teach Shakespeare?

Yes, we should still teach Shakespeare in our schools. I honestly feel that the main reason that people don’t want to teach Shakespeare is because it is hard, and they are lazy. Children in this generation are lazier than other generations. Most schools have stopped putting their norm up so high because the children don’t like it. Our generation can be the smartest generation if we just work harder. Shakespeare is a challenge. It definitely should be taught in schools, because the children need the challenge. They need to learn how to work, and also how to solve problems. Shakespeare may not relate that much to us, but it still has some life lessons that we need to learn. It can also help us appreciate history, for it has a lot of historical information. And in all, we can decide ourselves if Shakespeare should be taught in schools. What better way to develop an opinion about something, than to do it?

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What I Don’t know About My fellow Students?

People do thing that mean a lot to them, but no one else cares. I general I’ve come to realize that most people are trying to improve themselves in one way or another, but no one notices. This then makes them feel like it isn’t doing anything, and then they stop improving. People want to do things that others will notice, so we stop improving. I know that I do a lot of things that other people don’t know, but I still try to do them. I have realized that if I just focus on, and look for, the little changes that others make in their life, then I can help them improve on it by showing them that someone cares. Everyone wants to improve, whether they openly do it or not. We can improve better, if others are helping us grow and we are helping others. We really don’t know what others are thinking, or what they are going through, but we can look at it as if we were in there shoes and learn more about them.

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Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

This year my main goal has been to get an A in every term. I so far have accomplished this and I hope to accomplish this in the future. It basically sums up what I want to do. Do my best on everything. When the year started I wasn’t doing that well, because I was used to an easy English class from last year. I didn’t try that hard and barely pulled off an A. I then realized that I would have to actually work hard. I worked harder second and third term, and felt much safer with my grade. The thing I like the worst though, is the ROAM and Predict, because I enjoy reading things when I don’t have to express myself to others. I don’t think that they are a bad thing to do, I just don’t enjoy them. I want to get better at the ROAM and Predict stuff.

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What Makes a Person Great?

I feel that the two most important attributes are humility, and gratitude. You should never let anything get to your head, because you will then not improve. Don’t though, think of yourself as a loser. You should never let a loss put you down. You should always stay on that middle ground. Gratitude doesn’t sound like it would be that important, but it helps you think of the good in life. If you are always positive, you will find things that are positive. If you are negative, you will find things that are negative. You will always find what you are looking for. That is why gratitude is so important. A great person always has these attributes and more.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Review

The first thing that comes to mind about the book is the fact that the book goes in a circle. Jem breaks his arm at the end of the book, but it mentions it at the beginning. I was looking through the beginning of the book to see that the author went on a huge digression after mentioning that Jem broke his arm. The basis of the book is that Atticus takes the trial of a black man and sets out to defend him. The norm was that black people were dirt, and had no feelings, and were from the devil. Atticus was trying to change that. I believe that the book definitely lived up to its reputation. It is a great read.

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I feel that the film left out some important details from the book. The parts that the film did include it did pretty well, Except the final scene. I feel that in the final scene the film left out a bunch of important details in it. But in all it was pretty great. I feel that the film captured Jem’s personality quite well. I do feel that the film directors found a lot of little details in the book that I didn’t notice when I read the book. It also helped me understand when the pastor said “Your father is passin.” It helped me understand that they were showing respect. It was a great watch.

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Good Stuff

“We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step” I chose this quote because it shows that every little step makes a difference. The jury still ends up convicting Tom Robinson, but they took over an our. Atticus said that one of the Cunningham’s folk held up the jury. At the beginning he was all about letting Tom Robinson go free. He eventually gave in, but that shows that Atticus made a difference. The Cunningham family grew respect for the Finches, when they held up the jail. It shows that if some norm, like the racism, is so solidly built in everybody, that it is really hard to break it. Atticus is very smart, and he made a huge effort, but it only made a little dent, but that little dent wont go away very fast at all. If some one else makes another dent, and then another, it is possible that the racism norm will fail. I feel that this is very important.

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An Authority on Courage – Nic

I am Nic, an escaped slave. I live in the Roman Empire. I used to work in the mines. I never really thought about having to have courage. My life was just a regular routine of a slave. It was nothing special. I then found some powerful amulets, with the power of the Roman Gods. I was in a predicament, where I could rule the empire, and win every war. But their would be lots of blood shed, and unneeded deaths. What I instead did was, I destroyed the amulets, and escaped. I will never regret that choice. That is true courage. ¬†I would that you would think about the consequences of each action you take. Take the action that will most benefit others, instead of yourself. Do what you know is the right choice. You will know. Don’t think of power being everything. In the scheme of things, power isn’t that high. If you want to make a difference, or gain friends, you need to be courageous, and do what you know is right.

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Real Courage

I believe that this definition of courage is a great one. I like how he says that it is not only courage if you have a gun in your hand. You have to be willing to do the right, even if you know you are going to lose. I correlate the word courage with the word brave. It is going and doing something that is right. Google’s definition of courage is, “The ability to do something that frightens one.” This means that you need to have the ability to face your fears with faith that it will turn out right. You always need to face your fears or they will just keep on growing. Atticus has real courage. He is taking a black man to court. Every one else in the city is making fun of him for taking this case. Some of the black people think that he is making fun of them. His sister says he is a disgrace to the family. But throughout all of this, he still has his courage to take Tom Robinson to the court.

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