The Good Stuff

I am grateful for a lot of things. Some examples are, my family. I love spending time with my family. I consider my older sister my best friend. And I know that is kind of cheesy, but it’s true. I tell her everything and she is usually the first person I tell. I am also grateful for my friends. They always make me laugh so hard and it’s so fun to spend time with them. They are the next people that I tell about whatever happened, or they are the ones who were with me when it happened. Another thing that I am grateful for is my basketball team. I don’t know some of the girls super well, but I hope we will become good friends later on. It’s fun to be able to connect over basketball, and find out other things that we have in common. I am grateful for a bunch of other things, but that’s all I’m gonna share.

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11 thoughts on “The Good Stuff

  1. I feel like the people in my life is what i’m most grateful for too, it’s cool that you are getting to know new people from basketball

  2. Hey, I totally agree with being thankful for your teammates because they’re your family and they have your backs, which is really nice to know.

  3. That’s awesome how you can talk to your older sister about anything!! I know that it’s kinda weird but I talk to my older bro usually. Do you have any brothers?

  4. I agree, when you’re a part of a team it becomes like a second family. They always do have your back like Camden said.

  5. I’m so grateful for my older sibling too. I tell my older brother basically everything first, like how you tell your older sister everything.

  6. I’m also very grateful for my family… I think everyone mostly is haha. I also really like my sister sometimes on a good day.

  7. I’m grateful for my older siblings also. My older brother and I do everything together.

  8. i tell my older brother everything, and it’s awesome that you guys can connect over basketball

  9. Not to leave embarrassing comments on your blog or anything, but I always thought it was cute how you would follow Molly into class everyday when you were just a little tyke. I’m glad you guys are still close!

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