A simile is comparing 2 things using the words like or as.

These are similes from the book, Flora And Ulysses.

” It was almost as if a cat were watching him.”

It sounded as if someone a long way off were playing a toy piano.”

These are some similes from the book, The One And Only Ivan.

A giant sign beckons cars to stop and rest like gazelles at a watering hole.”

They sound like chummies from planet chum.

It tasted like termite.

Humans waste words, they toss them like banana peels, and leave them to rot.”

Gorillas are as patient as stones.

Humans speak to much, they chatter like chimps.

Her voice was like the throaty bark of a dog chained outside on a cold night.”

They glowed on the bottom like flat copper stones.”

We sit where we are, like an old beast too tired to push on.”

She has hair like black glass.”

Her pictures are like pieces of a dream.”

These are similes from the book, Please Write in this book.

“My tongue felt like I just ate dirt.”

We all froze like statues.”

She said my feet smell like cherry blossoms.”

Jimmy’s feet smell like fried seaweed.”

Your feet smell like rotten bananas.”

I danced like a fairy floating on the air.”

“They smell like cave mud.”

I felt like I had wings on and sparkles in my hair.”

They wriggled after me like a fan club.”

“I said they smell like detritus.”

The room looks like a zoo.”

The walls were spinning like a top.”

My Parents Are Always There For Me


        Do you feel like your parents are always there for you? Have your parents helped you when there is hard things? My parents are always there for me, because when I am sad they support me, when I am sick they help me, and most of all because when there are hard things they understand.


One reason that my parents are always there for me is that when I’m sad they support me. For example, if I have a hard day they make me feel better, and if I am upset they help me calm down. When I am sad because a friend can’t play, they help me find other things to do. One time my best friend Reagan couldn’t play. So my parents told me that I should play with a girl in our ward named Gracie. So we invited her over. I was still kind of upset that Reagan couldn’t play, but it ended up being okay.


Another reason that my parents are always there for me is that when I am sick they help me. For example, if I am sick they give me medicine. They also make sure I am getting better. When I am sick they check on me to make sure I am feeling good.


Although my parents are always there for me because when I’m sad they support me, and because when I am sick they help me; they are especially always there for me because when there are hard things they understand. For example, when there are hard times with friends they help. When my homework is hard they calm me down and help explain it. Sometimes homework can make you as angry as a troll. When I’m having a hard time because we can’t do something I want, my parents help me find other fun things to do.


My parents are always there for me because when I am sad they support me, when I am sick they help me, and when there are hard things they understand. This makes me wonder if my parents know how much they mean to me. Other people should care about this because it’s important to know that your parents are always there for you.

My Christmas Traditions

Today I will be telling you about My Family’s Christmas Traditions. First, on the day before Christmas Eve me and my brother go with my dad to a hotel and my mom just stays home. Then when we sleep over till Christmas Eve Morning. Then we go home. Then we just kind of play around.Next we make cookies for Santa. Then we go caroling with my Mom’s side of the family. Then we go to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house and they give me and my brother and our cousins a present. Next we go home and me and my brother open 1 present from our parents then we go to bed, and in the morning It’s Christmas and we open presents! Then we basically play with our presents and if we get candy we eat the candy all day, and play in the snow if there’s snow. That’s My Family’s Christmas Traditions.

My Crazy Brothers!

One day me and Rachel were playing with makeup and listening to 
music, eating cookies and brownies, and drinking chocolate milk. It was 
delicious. Then Luke came in with superhero underwear on and was chasing 
us and singing, ”HA HA! I AM IN MY UNDERWEAR!”  
We ran like cheetahs past my mom and she said, “No running in the 

Stratton, Jeanne. cheetahs1.jpg. 2011. Pics4Learning. 16 Nov 2018
Then we went back to my room. And then Luke came back because he 
wanted to eat our treats. Then me and Rachel marched up to my mom and we 
said together, “Luke is bothering us, can he go outside?” 
“Luke sweetie come here.” 
“What?” Luke said. 
“Go play outside on the trampoline or with the dog.” 
My mouth dropped to the cold, hard floor. Then Luke went outside. 
The next day at school we were at the rug waiting for our teacher when 
Marcus leaned over to Rachel and said, “Rosey doesn’t want to be your friend 
“Rosey, Marcus said you don’t want to be friends anymore,” Rachel said 
with teary eyes.  
“That’s not true, he is lying I promise you.”  
“I believe you, I don’t think you would ever say that.” 
I was coming home from school to my girly private room when Luke and 
Jimmy were on my bed with my fluffy puppy and gray and white bunny on it. 
They were playing with my slimes and ruined my slimes. It was a HUGE mess! 
Hedges, Kathryn. dsc01526.jpg. 2006. Pics4Learning. 16 Nov 2018

I was so MAD. My face turned redder than lipstick. “ Mom! Jimmy and Luke 

ruined my slimes and bed and stuffed animals! At school Marcus told Rachel 
that I didn’t want to be her friend.” 
“Well boys you are going to be grounded for 2 wholeweeks! Be nicer to 
your sister. I didn’t even know you were being so rude to her. You apologize to 
her, ALL of you!” Mom said. 
“Guys we need to get revenge on Rosey,” said the boys.  
Luke said to Jimmy and Marcus in a soft whispering voice,“Yeah,” they 
said. Then while I was watching a show, my brothers snuck into my room with 
scissors. They cut my Best Friend bracelet and Best Friend necklace, that 
Rachel had made for me, into small pieces. Then my show finished and I was 
walking to my room and the boy’s heard me so they ran quietly out of my 
Then I went into my room and saw the tiny pieces of the jewelry on the 
floor. A tear rolled down my cheek. I started sobbing and my mom heard me. 
She came in and knelt next to me. She gently hugged me. Marcus peeked in. 
The next day at school Rachel said she could make another necklace and 
bracelet. Marcus was reading then he stopped, and he thought. He realized 
that they shouldn’t have done all those things. 
When we came home from school I walked sadly to my room. Marcus 
went to Jimmy and Luke and said, “We shouldn’t have done all those things.”  
They said they had the same thought. Then they decided that all of them 
could combine their money and buy me a doll. They asked their Mom if they 
could go to the store, and told her all about it. Their mom took them to the 
store, so they got the doll.When they gave me the doll, I said, ”It’s okay, but I 
am still a little bit mad and upset with you guys.” 


#1. Compliment in a specific way.

#2. Answer the blogger’s question or add new information.

#3. Make a connection.

#4. End with a question.

#5. Proofread and close with first name.

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