A simile is comparing 2 things using the words like or as.

These are similes from the book, Flora And Ulysses.

” It was almost as if a cat were watching him.”

It sounded as if someone a long way off were playing a toy piano.”

These are some similes from the book, The One And Only Ivan.

A giant sign beckons cars to stop and rest like gazelles at a watering hole.”

They sound like chummies from planet chum.

It tasted like termite.

Humans waste words, they toss them like banana peels, and leave them to rot.”

Gorillas are as patient as stones.

Humans speak to much, they chatter like chimps.

Her voice was like the throaty bark of a dog chained outside on a cold night.”

They glowed on the bottom like flat copper stones.”

We sit where we are, like an old beast too tired to push on.”

She has hair like black glass.”

Her pictures are like pieces of a dream.”

These are similes from the book, Please Write in this book.

“My tongue felt like I just ate dirt.”

We all froze like statues.”

She said my feet smell like cherry blossoms.”

Jimmy’s feet smell like fried seaweed.”

Your feet smell like rotten bananas.”

I danced like a fairy floating on the air.”

“They smell like cave mud.”

I felt like I had wings on and sparkles in my hair.”

They wriggled after me like a fan club.”

“I said they smell like detritus.”

The room looks like a zoo.”

The walls were spinning like a top.”

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