#4 Story or Poem Analysis

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This story is told by the author, who spent time in the Philippines. She took classes to learn the language and learn about the culture in the country, just in preparation for the trip. She used great imagery, word choice, and syntax in her story, and it really helped dive in to the story. You could imagine and see her in classes and feeling her emotions of being in her dream destination with her.

Personally, I had a lot of fun learning about my country and finding out about the culture and traditions they have. Like, while you’re drinking at a bar, you aren’t aloud to look at your elders. Very weird, and really don’t get how that’s disrespectful, but maybe that’s how they’ve lived for thousands of years. I won’t ever do it though because I don’t drink.


3:News Article

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31 photos show the devastation in the Northern Mariana Islands after Super Typhoon Yutu made a ...

In the Article I chose, it talked about how the country of the Philippines and the storm they had that ripped apart the provinces. Reuters and Akanksha Sharma, from CNN, wrote this article with great detail and good information on what happened. There was major damage to buildings as well as 67 dead, the highest casualty count of the year. “Each time they start rebuilding their lives and livelihoods, they are pummeled by yet another storm.” That would be one hard place to live.

They are probably in a lot of debt. From all the building distruction, injuries and deaths, the country needs back up from their ally’s.

Post#2 Background Information

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Here is where i’ll type my background info.

The population of the Philippines is 104 million. Made up of 7,000 islands, the people mainly live on the 11 bulkiest islands. Manila, it’s capital, has a 1.8 million living there. Davao City is another big city, and has the biggest peak in the nation, Mount Apo. Spanish and English are the main languages spoken because of the impact of the US and Spain. There is a lot of corruption with drugs, and it doesn’t sound like their president is the best and was involved in vigilante death squad. 80% of the country are Christians, and Catholic. During WW2, the US and the philippines were ally’s and relied on each other. They have freedom of Press which is very hectic in the world of journalists.





Post#1 Introduction

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The country I have selected is the Philippines, wanted China but wasn’t fast enough. This is on of the more known countries in Asia, but i don’t know much about it. I picked the Philippines to learn more about it. I hope to discover all their traditions and their culture as i learn. I’ve heard besides the US, that they watch the most televised basketball in the world, i wanna see if that’s true.

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