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This legend is about a man named Sibuatan who lives alone.  He goes fishing everyday but there is one day that is different then the rest.  When he goes fishing at the riverbank he catches a beautiful big fish with golden scales.  When he goes home he leaves the fish in the house and goes to get firewood something happens to the fish. When he returns to the house he notices that there is a beautiful women in his house in place of the fish.  Sibuatan instantly fell in love with the women and instantly married her.  Soon after they had a son named Sam who was very spoiled and very bratty.  One day Sam went to give his father his lunch, as Sibuatan opened his lunch he noticed that Sam had already ate it.  Sibuatan was very mad and cursed at Sam for being the son of a fish, which Sam didn’t know.  Sam told his mother what happened and she was very upset that her husband broke the oath to never speak of her origin.  She was so upset that she ended up jumping in the river changing back into a fish, never to be seen again.

This story was did a very nice job at imagery. The detail that it gave made it seem like I was there watching this all happen.  Almost all of the sentences were a lot more complex but it added to the story because of the detailed description.

The main idea of the story is to look deeper for the good that small things can bring you.  Sibuatan never would’ve guessed that a fish would turn into a beautiful women.  From this fish he received a wife and kid.  Something little turned into something good.  From this I think that optimism should be a bigger part of the way I think because you never know what could come from it.

In Indonesia a main source of food is from the river.  Most people fish to get there food even today.  The environment in Indonesia is so much different today then it was 10 years ago.  Today the river is completely polluted and covered in trash. People sift through the garbage looking for food every single day.  This legend to me could be an example to the people and can give them hope for the future of the river.


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