The notes…

I went outside to get in my car. I really needed to go to the store. I open the door and swung down into my seat. I noticed a small white paper folded in half on my windshield. I got back out of my car and retrieved the small piece of paper. I went back into my car and closed the door. I set my purse down on the passenger seat then sipped some lemonade from my water bottle that I had previously left in the car. “Yuk!” I exclaimed, It was really stale and  a little worm. I saw the little white folded paper out of the corner of my eye. I picked it up and slowly opened it. It was a hand written note in cursive. Strange, I thought to myself. The small piece of paper said, “Drive west for 100 miles.” That was on the way to the store so I decided, why not? I drove slowly since the speed limit was only 20 mph. Once I had drove about 85 miles, I turned on the corner so I was exactly west of my  house. I drove another 15 miles then parked on the side of the rode. On the speed limit sign directly in front of me, I saw a little white piece of paper folded in half just like the first one. So, I got out of my car; as a chill went through my spine, it was windy and overcast. I saw the small piece of paper blowing slightly in the wind, it was also a hand written note in cursive! I snatched it of the sign and opened it. It said to turn around, so I did so; Help is all I could say after I dropped to the floor.


The most disgusting food ever!!!

Slushy, gooey,slimy and really disgusting! That was what I had to eat when I was seven. It is called egg-plant and I hate it so much that I almost vomited!

The most disgusting food I have ever ate was egg-plant because it really gooey, slushy ,slimy and mad me gag!

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