Blog #4: Story/Legend & Poem

My story was a very different one. I read about how this man fell in love with a fish. She ended up turning into a women. It was definitely a very different and interesting story to read. This story helped me understand that there is a lot of varieties of people all over the world. What I love about it, is that everyone is getting accepted to who they are. That is very important. In this story, it had a lot of parts that gave good information about what we were learning about. It was also good for giving details about everything. For example, “This riverbank has beautiful scenery, fresh air, and the most fertile land. His daily works are cultivating the land, collecting vegetables and firewood. He was also catching fish for his meal.” This made the story better by explaining with good detail.

They had good syntax sentences. Their sentences were broken up in to smaller sentences to add more dialog to the story. This made it easier to read. The theme of this story would be that things happen, and sometimes they do not seem of what they should be, but good can come out of it. I feel like that is super important also. You have to give everything a chance, because you never know. The detail that helped me was the guy falling in love with a fish, but turned into a women. In Indonesia, they go fishing. They do some of the same activities that we do. Indonesia is different than us in many ways. But, it is also similar in other ways.

Post #3: News Article

In Indonesia, Aceh a Muslim group is changing their practice from public flogging, to moving it into prisons. In Indonesia, flogging is a very important part of their practice. The problem with it though, is the traumatizing effects that is happening. Because of this problem, they are changing their ways. Nothing is allowed to be public to everyone. Their country has a lot of high standards for their people. They do it the right way, or they will get punished. Because it is going to be happening in prisons, the flogging will be more intense. This shows that their country is very strict. The violence level is a lot higher there, and their consequences or more severe.

Post #2: Background Information

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The population of Indonesia is 261 million. That is a lot of people. The majority of the people live on the Island of Java. The capital city is Jakarta. In Jakarta, the population is 10 million. A couple other major cities in Indonesia are, Surabaya, and Bandung. In Surabaya, the population is 2.8 billion. They are known for having on of the busiest ports. In Bandung, they have the 2nd largest metropolitan. They are recognized for having a very good educational system. In fact, they have over 50 institutions of higher education. In Indonesia, they for the most part speak Indonesian. But, they have 300 different types of languages spoken. They are one of the poorest countries in the world. Because of being poor, helping cure diseases and sicknesses is very hard. There are three diseases that were deathly there. They are named, Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever, Avian Influenza, and Dengue Fever. This was very hard on their country. The main religion in this country is Islamic. However, there are also other ones. In 1999, The East timor went under UN administration. In 2004, They elected their first ever president. In Indonesia, these dates were important. There are a lot of differences between our two countries. One thing that stood out to me was that this country is the world’s most major emerging economies.

Post #1: Introduction

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For my blog, I selected Indonesia. I selected this country because with all the chaos in the world, Indonesia gives really good information. There is also a lot that goes on in this country, and it seemed to be a interesting topic. Along the way of this blog, I hope to learn a lot about this country. I do not know hardly any information about this country. This is a good opportunity to learn news and events happening around the world, and how it deals with us. I also expect to learn the main things about this country. The difference between our two counties such as, population, traditions, the type of culture they live in, and basic events that are happening. I wonder how their everyday life is? I also wonder what type of food they eat, and even the type of clothes they wear? I am very excited to do more research about this country.