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Some cool art for a horror story I read online

My name is Macy Mickelson, and I’m a junior, who enjoys anything that makes you think and feel as if you were in the story yourself. I love reads that make you feel so into it that you want to take over the protagonists body in a way, and do things how you want the story to go.

I feels as if Drama, Psychological Thriller/Horror, a well written Romance, and Horror do this best; where you almost want to skip ahead to see whats happening faster. I am not intimidated by thick books, as I’ve learned that pages fly when you are into what you are reading. If the writing is not interesting or engaging, then reading is ludicrous and horrible- but I think that that’s a universal problem.

My favorite book… that’s a hard one, and I don’t think I’m the only one with this problem either. My first favorite was Harry potter and the goblet of fire, which I read in third grade. My current favorite would have to be The Space Between ( Which is basically based off of Christian Bibliology, which caught my eye because I like religious myths, but I LOVE anything to do with angels and demons which are true to the Christian Bible (Which are hard to find since some people may feel disrespected by their faith being made into entertainment). I am just really into it for some reason.

So that’s me: Psychological/Drama lover with an accent of Christian Bibliology. I also have a thing for anything to do with noble classes and political drama, as well as Victorian London

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  1. The story and syntax were both very good. I would have liked a little more detail towards the end, the character development comes on very quickly.

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