Blog #2: Steelhearts Backstory

Calamity is what they called it. I fitting name for the mysterious object that brought gifts and power to a few, as well as ruin and fear to most. Luckily for me, I was one of the former.

“–Are now called ‘Epics’ online and casually, though many have already started to disobey officers and cause havoc in society, contrary to their super hero esque name. Even now, there is a school lock-down at Farnsworth Elementary School, where witnesses say that the shooter didn’t even have a gun- and the children were disappearing before their eyes. Officials have not yet said if this is a new terrifying epic, or the result of traumatized teachers–” I stopped listening, and got up from my seat in the family- no. MY living room. There was no family living here anymore, none except the oldest child.

Inspired by the recent chaos of uncontrollable power, I set out to continue to domination of the area. I had already put the surrounding neighborhoods as well as my own under my power; but I did not plan to stop anywhere near there. I wanted to take over the whole city, or rather the whole state! That would be a good start. The whole government needed to be reformed, and the chaos that other Epics brought to Chicago, only served to make the world worse, and it needed me to check those powers- and to bring the whole country under one infinite influence. That is why Calamity gave me this power.

Upon arriving at the school, I shove past the wall of pigs and walk right through the front doors, taking momentary satisfaction from hearing three of them topple to the floor. It didn’t take me long to find the epic, all I had to do was follow the crying, and once I did I grabbed the epic by the collar and shoved him onto the floor.

“What do you think you are doing?” I inquire calmly, as if his very existence was nothing more than a minor inconvenience to me. The first expression to contort his features was angry surprise, the second was realization, and the final was fear. He recognized that I was a threat to him, and that he was in danger for the first time since Calamity. He was quick to explain himself however, moving hastily to remove himself from jeopardy.

“Society has become so tolerant with incompetency, the children are growing to become weak and whiny, becoming victims of fabricated offenses. I wouldn’t stand for it.” He stumbles over his words and shows his palms to me in a surrendering gesture. Now is when I recognize him, Hugo Richards, the kid that always gave me his assignments to copy in highschool, and the one that tried so hard to please my friends and I so that he may feel that he was one of us.

“Jackson- ” He starts.

“Shut up. I am reforming this country, and you are disrupting the new society.” I quipped. As interesting as it would be to bring him back under my loyalty, I still had an agenda to serve.

Then he did something very out of character from what I knew of him. He objected against my actions.

“Are you sure you want to try and save this city? In my opinion, everything is irrecoverable. Massacres like these are the only way to reset the population is to bring it back to the era of kill or be killed, where the ones who survive are the ones who submit.”

And I did something very out of character that day as well. I agreed with him.

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