Steelheart’s backstory

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Steelheart was never the type to want vengeance or justice for people who have wronged him. His father always taught him to practice patience and mercy on others. “Patience is more than the ability to wait, patience is knowing if what you’re waiting for is worth your time.” He would say to Steelheart whenever something made him angry. Steelheart quickly learned that some things just weren’t worth getting angry over.

Steelheart’s father was his favorite part of life. His father could easily and instantly switch Steelhearts angry mood to something that radiated calm and peacefulness. Steelheart could not imagine a world where his father was not. His father taught him some of the best lessons in life, nothing short of tying a shoe. Steelhearts father was the best person Steelheart had ever known, and he always knew he would never let anyone take that away from him. His father was his safe place, a sanctuary. Anyone who dare take away his sanctuary would live to regret it.

It was then when Steelheart realized that he wasn’t following his father’s advice on patience. His father always told him to never worry. “If you can do something about it, don’t worry. If you can’t do something about it, don’t worry.” Those words, so small, yet meaning so much to Steelheart, made his stomach turn when the realization that all Steelheart every worried about was his father came to his mind. “I just want to make you proud.” Steelheart told his father. “I’m always proud of you, you don’t have to prove anything to me.” Steelhearts father replied, setting Steelheart at ease.

When Steelhearts father was killed, the sharpness in his stomach and the heaviness in his heart felt like he was being stabbed by glass, and an ever so tight grip around his heart never stopped. The one thing in the world he thought he would never lose is now gone. Who ever killed his father was not going to get away with it. With the weight of a thousand bricks in his breath, he gasped for air and fell to the ground. The pain of losing the best person he had ever known was too much to handle, and that is when Steelheart realized that pain is not worth loving. He will get revenge on the poor soul who killed his father, regardless of what it takes or the sacrifices he has to make. And he will never make the mistake of loving someone the way he loved his father ever again.


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