May 20

Blog Post #8 Connector

My group was kinda washy on the book , some really liked it and some didn’t. I liked the book because of the historical aspect ,and how  they always would sneak around. I didn’t like how Hennika always is sad because Bas is gone that was the only thing i wanted  to stop. I think this book relates to the Ember in the Ashes series. Because in that book Elias and Laia want to be together but things keep getting in the way. This is similar to hoe Hennika Wants to be with Bas but he is dead so she can’t. through the whole book she is depressed and alone. In Ember In the ashes they are depressed because the world keeps pulling them apart.This book Had me thinking weird thing just because i couldn’t guess what was going to happen and i liked that.

May 19

Blog post Lit Circle Project #2- Author

Monica Hesse is the author of many books including “the girl in a blue coat”. According to Goodreads she lives in Maryland with her husband and dog. She is a featured writer in the Washington post and has covered many things.  Monica has also won many awards for her work, including, Journalism narrative storytellers, and the Livingston award. she has covered weddings ,things at the white house and much more. Monica has written 5 amazing books and is looking to write more.

April 16

Blog#7 soundtrack

I liked the sound track that me and my group made. I think the songs we chose for Eleanor and park really fit. My favorite song that i did was the first phone call ,with the song electric love by Borns. I got really angry when we where presenting and we talked about Richie, i HATE him he make my blood boil. I also did the song that involed him and they where all really bad songs.I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to everyone

March 8

Blog post # 6 Pictures

This picture represents the head phones that park and Eleanor wear while they are on the bus coming and going to school. And all of the music they bond over listening to.

This picture represents the comics that park gives to Eleanor ,and how she really enjoys them. she talks about them constantly throw the book.

This is Eleanor’s locker every morning her and park hangout in front of it. this is also where people would put notes into it ,most of them being mean .                                              

This is the locker room Eleanor always gets bullied in her by the mean popular girls. she also gets her clothes flushed down the toilet in the locker room.

I really enjoyed this book the way the bullying went about was the most realistic thing in the book. I don’t like how the book is coming to an end because they don’t get to be together anymore. I’m really glad she got away from her house but i still don’t like how things are playing out

February 19

Blog#5 Series Project

I am going to read the series The Ember in the Ashes. I chose to read this because, I had a lot of friends telling me it was really good. I also had already started the first book. I am already done with the first book and almost done with the second. From what I have heard I really need to finish and get it done. It is a really good series so far and i’m very excited to finish it

January 14

Blog#2: Steelheart’s Backstory

He had started out as all children do, a sweet boy with a forgiving heart. Richard Grant had been born and placed immediately into the brutal Chicago foster care system.  He had been bounced around from family to family, some were nice enough that he felt like they could have been good to stay with, others left him with emotional and mental scars that sometimes he tried to forget. Richard rarely forgot those moments when he stared up at his ceiling. He would wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of December remembering these moments.

Judy and Abraham Heart, slept just down the hallway from him and could hear him waking up every time. It went on for a week until Abraham sat him down on the couch in their small front room. The couch was a brown plaid and looked like it had been with them for years. He touched his hand and Richard tried not to flinch.

“Sometimes, we build up walls and barriers around ourselves,” Abraham started out as he pulled his hands back, realizing his mistake. “And those can keep our hearts and minds safe. They keep us protected but we need to remember that it’s also okay to build a door to let people in once in a while.”

When Judy and Abraham Heart offered to adopt him at the age of twelve, the barriers began to crumble down and he started to talk about the good and the bad times. Judy would come comfort him in the middle of the night and Abraham would sometimes take him out to those old bookshops in downtown Chicago or sometimes (if he managed to open his eyes) he would go fishing in Abraham’s red pickup truck. He fell asleep once after a decent haul from the Ned Brown Preserve and on the freeway he felt a jolt, then an almost free falling sensation. His eyes opened and the last thing he felt was Abraham’s arm over his body and a massive truck following them down off of the overpass.

He couldn’t remember the hospital stay, just the idle blips of the machines at the back of his mind and the distant sound of a woman crying. When he woke up, Judy was by his bed. She stayed with him until he was out of the hospital, she stayed with him after they stood by Abraham’s grave watching the reflective wooden casket lower into the ground. He stayed with her as the social worker sat at their table with an impartial face and told her, over a hot cup of cheap coffee, that she could no longer have Richard since she was not married, close to retirement, and had lost the main bread winner.

“I don’t understand, I’m only fifty-eight,” Judy whispers as she wipes at her tears.

“Yes, and that means you likely will need more for your own retirement,” the Social Worker says.

“She’s not retiring next week!” Richard says back.

“Regardless he needs to come back into foster care,” they say before standing up. “Bring him back to the center tomorrow with all of his things.”

Richard and Judy were left alone with Judy’s quiet cries between them. They packed his things up and she hugged him tightly. The nightmares returned, this time instead it’s just steel beams spraying down around him. Judy dropped him off and whispered in his ear that she loved him dearly and her home would always be open to him. The Social Worker in charge of the center seemed scattered and disoriented.

“What’s your name, love?”

Without hesitating and with the barricades rapidly forming over his heart he looked into her vulnerable eyes and said, “Steel Heart.”

January 9

Blog#1: Me as a Reader

  I started reading when I was in 1st grade. I have always struggled with reading from a young age ,and didn’t get into it until recently.  When I was little I loved reading Junie B Jones , and Magic Tree House. My mom always had to force me to read or bribe me to do so, but after I stared readying I didn’t mind. I mostly read in my living room or in my parents room where they could watch me. I started liking books more when I stopped reading fantasy and started reading more realistic fiction and historical fiction. I don’t like reading more than one book at a time ,because I mix up what is going on in one book with the other. I find reading a lot more enjoyable now that I have found the books I like to  read and can get into. My most recent good read was Scythe and I really like how the author writes.