October 26

The Sticky Issue of Equality

Equality in America has been the focus point for so long. Equality in America is taken seriously, there was a civil war to make people realize that everyone deserved to be free and be accepted. Equality to me is everyone being able to come to events like the fourth of July. Fat, Short, Dark, Light, Mixed, Boy, Girl, Old, Young, and so many more are just stariotypes for people who are different. Equality is so important and for whatever reason people think that it’s not a big deal if we have sweat shops or slaves or child labor, or jew’s being killed for believing and being different to one person that is not okay. We are all made of the same thing, and we all deserve to be treated with respect and to be loved.

October 24

How I Did During First Term

This term I got a B+ in English. I think I have done pretty well, some things I strugled with this term was the informational essays. I procrastinated with my writing and I was sometimes a little less efficieant than I could have been. I also never followed through with my work, a lot of my work is only half finished. And I was always working on homework the night before. Next term I’m going to work on perfecting my essay writing skills and not get behind in my work. My goal for next term would have to be an A or an A-.

October 5

The Future

Imagine a place where you could look up and see flying cars. A place where you could go where ever you wanted whenever you wanted. There will be new technology like transporting, flying cars, invincible clothes, and cooler than ever the iphone 2000. The president will be heads of presidents from 1900-2020. They have been preserved as monuments but they can speak and see just like everyone else but it is just their head. They sit on a council which control the world. So many things have happened since world war 4 they have almost forgot about it. Families are only aloud 3 children, because the earth is already passed it’s carrying capacity. Most kids go to private schools or don’t go to school at all. The ones who choose not to participate in learning are sentenced to prison where they will learn there. Because criminal acts have gone down the presidents want it to stay that way by locking troubling kids in prison till they choose to learn at school or home. This future is really messed up but that’s how i see it in 75 years. Image result for the jetsons flying cars

October 3

Free write Egregious and Havoc

I woke up to my very loud alarm ringing and buzzing on the table. I slowly sit up and I look over to my phone buzzing off my desk. I get a quick rush of  addrenalin as I reach for my phone. It slips out of  my finger tips at the last second. As I reach to get my still ringing phone I slightly touch my all chewed up charger. It shocked me, I yell OUCH! I finally give up and I crawl under my bed. I see so many things that I never knew where there. I quickly realize my phone is still ringing and my little sister is yelling at me to turn it off. I grab my phone turn off my alarm and go upstairs. I turn the TV on and see what has happened the night before. A shooting in Las Vegas. I watched in horror as havoc struck Las Vegas. I quickly eat and turn the horrific news story off. I get dressed and head out the door. My mom asked what the shooting was all about. I told her what had happened. She gasped with shock. I got to school and did what I did every day, get to school put my stuff away and go to English and Math. After those I had lunch. I saw the most horrific sight. A seventh grader was eating string cheese, he just had bit the stick of cheese. I commented to my friend, ” What does he think he is doing” she gasped and said, ” That is the most egregious thing I have ever seen in my life.

September 29

What have I been reading?

I have been reading “Fablehaven 5” By Brandon Mull. The book so far is about Seth, Kendra and some other knights, they are on their way to complete a very secret mission. The main characters are Seth and Kendra. They want to get their parents back from the sphinx, they also are trying to get the 5 secret artifacts. I would recommend this book to people who like long series or adventure books.

September 11

Why do we tell stories

Why  do we write and tell stories? We write stories for others to enjoy. We tell stories to share an experience. I tell stories to let the people I’m telling it to know what I know. Writing stories isn’t just like writing a bunch of random words on a piece of paper, put a hard cover on it and draw a few pictures. It’s like creating a world for the reader to explore and experience. It’s an experience and a thrill to write, watch, listen to, and read what the author was putting together. We tell stories for the knowledge others gain by reading our creation.

September 5

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