on not being seen

I think Connor wants to be seen because he wants his trial to end, he desperately been wanting his mom to get better and have his nightmare disappear, and etc… he just wants life to be back to normal and feel happy again, and not feel invisible. i think he isolates himself from others because he doesn’t like how everyone sees him as the one who has a sick mom and is “dying.” he doesn’t like how everyone is so quiet and hardly ever talks to him and also they just go to easy on him and he doesn’t like that at all! he just wants to be normal again and he feels that if his mom never got sick none of his problems wouldn’t have happened. I get why he wants to get in trouble because he wants to be noticed and not have to feel sad and feel its his fault for his mother, he wants to just do it so that people can know that he’s okay and that he’s not sad and miserable. I mean for me, I wouldn’t want everyone to leave me alone or go super easy on me because of my mother’s cancer,It just makes you feel worse and sad. I think that he should just friend Lily again and tell her how he feels because then she would have a better understanding and then he won’t feel as isolated.

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Book review 2.2

What I read: The one safe place by: Tania Unsworth and this books genre is science fiction and dystopian fiction and this book has 304 pages, and I rate this book 3 stars

How it starts: Devin starts by living on his farm but soon leaves after his grandfathers death, to travel to city to find a future there. He meets a girl Kit and lives with her in the city for a little while until he finds out about a special place full of food and fun and etc… Soon he leaves with kit and arrives there

How it gets complicated: it gets complicated when Devin realizes that everyone has been acting strange and that everyone seems sad and miserable there. He’s told that its strange because people go through a dream process of physical pain and even mental pain. No one knows why it happens, but Devin wants to search for answers and get to the bottom of it all.

What I liked: I liked how discriptive the story was and enjoyed the plot and I liked how Devin was determined to find answers to his suspicions and take actions. He was very good about being nice and his curiosity was fascinating and unique. It brought the character to life as well.

What I disliked: I didn’t like how boring the beginning was at first, because it was boring in the beginning when it was talking about the farm. I didn’t like how the head mistress was described because it gave her a more scary description then she really was.

Recommendation:  I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fiction or dystopian, or to anyone who likes a mystery.

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Book review 2.1

What I read: This book is called Maximum ride: the angel experiment by: James Patterson and this books genre is science fiction, young adult fiction, and adventure fiction and this book has 413 pages, and I rate this book 4 stars

How it starts: It starts off with Max and her friends at home living in the mountains, when the youngest member Angel is kidnapped by the erasers. She’s taken to the “school,” and max soon races off with nudge and fang to rescue her while the others are left to stay at home

How it gets complicated: While Max is trying to find Angel and rescue her she is stuck in the woods to make camp. But soon Max leaves in need of search to look around and find stuff, but soon is in conflict with young children and gets shot and seperated and lost, from her friends and tries to hide for cover. And soon gets delayed from her rescue for Angel.

What I liked: I liked how Max is has always been caring for her friends, besides herself. And I enjoy how she has always been strong and determined to help others and to save Angel. It shows her compassion and love she has for others and also reminds me to be kind and helpful to others. She’s a very loyal person to her friends and shows a very good example.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t like how their wasn’t much background information on the experiment on Max and the others and I also didn’t like how Max didn’t give much detail on her friends because I would’ve liked to know more about how they feel and what they thought about each other. And I wish their was more background info of what life was like when they were with Ari and how he helped them to settle nicely in their home.

Recommendation: I recommend this book to anyone who likes Action and adventure,and to anyone who likes fiction and intensely scenes.

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Deep thinker 2.6

Source: The one safe place by: Tania Unsworth pg. 213

Quote: ” Whats the plan?”

Context: Devin finds out that he was correct the place is bad, and he now tells his friends about all that he learned. They soon decide that they have to make up a plan to save themselves and the others living at the place. But they have to keep secret and have to plan carefully, without drawing attention to themselves yet.

This makes me think: I think its good that Devin is willing to help the others stuck at the place too, because it shows that he cares about the others. And that he doesn’t want them to be stuck there with the fate that’s decided for them. I think he’s very brave to go against the head master because she provided so much for him, but she did hide things from him.

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Deep thinker 2.5

Source: The one safe place by: Tania Unsworth pg. 155

Quote: ” You’re to report to the East Building,”

Context: Devin still has suspicions of the place but now has more reasons for it. He finds more about the strange phases people go through when they are in then dream. But now he himself is headed to the place and s not thrilled about going.

This makes me think: I think its interesting how he had to go to a building just to go through a terrible dream because it sounds awful and annoying, because he has to go through it physically painfully and the fact that he has to go; but doesn’t know what the point is behind it. So it leads to even more suspicion which is good because now Devin realizes its okay to be feeling funny about the place now that he knows its strange and odd.

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Deep thinker 2.4

Source: The one safe place by: Tania Unsworth pg. 80

Quote: ” Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? ”

Context: Devin was in town with kit but then arrives at a place for kids to live, and get amazing food, clothing, games, and etc… Devin loves it there at first but then finds suspicion in the place. While Kit finds the place spectacular and highly unusual but amazing!

This makes me think: I think its interesting how Devin doesn’t just enjoy the place because its beautiful and cool. Because when told about the place he didn’t think much of it but now he feels that this place is unusual and strange. I would have thought he’d let that thought pass off but now he just goes with it and thinks the place is bad.

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Deep thinker 2.3

Source: Maximum Ride: the angel experiment by: James Patterson pg. 236

Quote: ” They might not want me if I have wings and am so weird and all,”

Context: Max and her friends are in New York looking for an institute to find more about themselves and where they came from etc… While their there Max and Nudge make conversation of weather or not their true real families will except them or not because of what they look like and behave

This makes me think:  I think its great how Max and her friends are loyal to find more about their families and even about themselves a little more. I understand how nudge isn’t sure weather or not she will be excepted by her family because she’s different. But I think she should except herself and not worry about what other people think. Obviously it would be harsh if your parents didn’t except you even if you were their own child, but we shouldn’t dislike ourselves because of others opinions and the way people see us.

Deep thinker 2.2

Source: Maximum Ride: the angel experiment by: James Patterson pg. 188

Quote: ” I want a shot at him- just one lethal.”

Context: Max was still being chased by the erasers, and was trying to escape to protect herself and her friends. She’s driving intensely when a helicopter flies over their stolen vehicle. She wants to take them out and wants a good shot.

This makes me think: It makes me think of how brave and courageous max is because she is good to be strong even when things are very scary. She’s even great at defending herself and her friends when needed, and she is not afraid to battle with challenges and tough situations. It reminds me that I should be more brave and face my challenges even when things are tough or difficult. And I think the way she is around her friends shows her love and care for them.

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Deep thinker 2.1

Source: Maximum Ride: the angel experiment by: James Patterson pg. 188

Quote: ” I tried to give her a reassuring smile,”

Context: Max and her “family” are heading to the school to go save her friend angel. They were able to steal a van and get cash and stuff to go save angel, but soon were interrupted by an attack of the erasers. And were soon speeding away to the school to get angel before their caught.

This makes me think: I think it was very cool how Max is willing to do whatever it takes to get her friends safe and to even be able to go out of her way to save her friend Angel. It shows how much she cares about them and shows her love and compassion towards them. She’s a very strong willed character and very helpful when desperately needed.

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word nerd 2.12

Maximum Ride : the angel experiment by: James Patterson pg. 281

Context: “It seemed to much to hope for that somehow this little romp was getting us closer to finding the institute,”

Definition:  play roughly and energetically

In my own words:  to play ungentle with a lot of energy

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