How I survive hard things

One of the hardest things that has and still is hard for me is getting along with my family and to even find joy and positivity through out my life. I remember how it first started a few years back when i was starting jr. high for the first time. I remember having to come home every day with stress and anxiety and it was awful. And it was even harder when i was at home because it wasn’t good either because i would just hold in my terrible thoughts and emotions and i would get in fights with my parents and get grounded. I hated school so much because honestly I was lonely and I struggled with making good friends and being accepted by the people I was with. But I had felt lonely and my friends shut me out and so I left them. But it got worse in 8th grade because I was trying to be like everyone else so i could fit in and feel cared for. But when I did make better friends it didn’t help very much because I had started to be ungrateful and picky about them because I wanted to be in a better friend group that was higher class. So it was stressful and frustrating and also i started making terrible decisions, not anything to do with drugs or any of that but i made poor decisions. And It was hard for me to smile and be glad for the good things in my life. I still have trouble with getting along with my family but I’ve been better and been happier. But to push through those hard and depressing times I learned to find the good in my life and to be a less judge mental person. And I now talk to my therapist and get answers. I just wanted to add that I’m very grateful for the many blessings and answers in my life because it has impacted me to be a better and stronger person. And I’ve come to realize that life isn’t as bad as I had thought.

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4 thoughts on “How I survive hard things

  1. wow! that was very emotional and also up lifting. I felt the same way in 8th grade my friend group just wasn’t the best. They would swear and be mean to me so I left and it was stressful leaving. This was very up lifting and I’m glad you got through those hard times!

  2. Hard things are challenging, but It’s nice to think about how far you’ve come and even how far you still have to go if you believe you do! I was in a very similar place to this last year.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us. I think so many kids experience anxiety and stress and keep it bottled up without knowing how common those feelings really are. I’m glad that things are working out for you.

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