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Lessons from Corona

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Even though it may stink to stay away from friends. There are actually many blessings associated with this quarantine. Many people are drawing closer to their families. Students are able to get more sleep and have more time for their homework. Many more talents and goals are being accomplished. We are learning the importance of being grateful for what we have.

Corona Life For Me

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So I’ve learned that if I don’t get up early to work on school, then there is very little that actually gets done in a day. With the Corona going around, it’s been kind of crazy not being able to talk to friends. I’ve had a great time with family and I enjoy how I’m able to get a lot more done. I’ve doing a lot of exercising lately which is good because I wasn’t doing very much of that before hand. I have also enjoyed making goofy videos on You Tube and singing along with my instrument practice. It’s crazy to think that 100 years from now, this will be history taught in schools! That’s insane! I’ve learned this is a great opportunity for others to create stronger bonds with their families. I think what’s hard is that Prom will probably not happen now and our graduation is going to be really sad. At least I still get my diploma.

Corona Life For Others

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So school isn’t going to be back to social until about May 1st. Other students are very upset with this and some are okay about it. Life with quarantine had so many different affects for students at school. 3 different students from my journalism class has mixed emotions about all this and something to share. the first girl replied saying, ” Pretty much life is pretty boring. I tend to do a lot of sleeping and I find random activities to occupy myself with. Most of the time I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time because I don’t have school to say that I did something useful. It Isn’t the most horrible thing in the world and I’m still having a good time even though there is lots of craziness going on.” That is understandable. Everyone’s lives are so different and there are so many different emotions mixed in with this corona virus going on. Another student said, “I’m not going to lie this whole thing has already been pretty hard. Since school is the one place I get to interact with people my age, the virus has taken a toll on me mentally.” She continues to explain how she is the only non working person in her house and how it get’s pretty lonely. She also continues how to explain the difficulties of doing things online because majority of the school Isn’t used to this and It’s hard to figure out all a sudden. It’s hard going from being able to say hi to all your friends and learn through interaction with others to all a sudden complete isolation. Another student explains her experience. She says, ” It’s pretty chill. School work is a little confusing, but everything else is fine.” Just how It’s hard on others, It’s also a needed break for others. The best thing we can do is still keep in contact with friends and family even though we may not be able to talk to them in person. It will help our calling skills.

Corona Virus week 1

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Alrighty, so it’s Monday, the 2nd week of quarantine from school and I’m kind of liking it. I’m not an introvert, but school was getting a little too crazy for me. I had to wake up way to early to get ready and get to school and would stay up super late doing homework. I was getting about 3-4 hours of sleep every night. Because of my lack of sleep, I got the flu. Not COVID-19, just the flu. So a break from al the deprivation was very much needed. I can think more clearly and I’ve had time to exercise. My family is closer and I’ve been getting into a lot more talents I have. Homework still takes up way too much time, but it’s easier now that I’m not at school for 7 hours and then doing homework after school and cramming what I can in the mornings.

The Earthquake

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So this is a little late, but on Wednesday I got up early and got ready for the day. Around 7am I open my family laptop and right as I swipe the pad, my house starts shaking. I have never been in an earthquake, so this was a surprise. I thought maybe the pipes were having problems at first, but nope. After a couple seconds I realized that it was an earthquake! I took my Mom’s guidance she has been telling me for years and I booked it up the stairs and made my way for the back door. I have a golf course in my backyard so I was ready to hop the fence and stay safe in the open yard. Well the earthquake ended right as I made it upstairs and it woke up everyone in my family except for one of my brothers. I was scared the first time it was happening, (because I’ve never been in an earthquake before) and then I just thought it was super cool. So there you have it. All these things all in the first week of quarantine from the Corona Virus.


Life With COVID-19

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Okay. At first I honestly didn’t think the virus was that bad until I heard news stories of how bad it is in China and the Asian countries. Do I think people need to freak out and buy all the food and toilet paper off the shelves? No. Should we still be aware and careful of this problem? Yes. The other day I went to the grocery store to buy 2 cans of coconut milk for a dinner my mom was making and all the lines were about 20 minutes long and the shelves were bare. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’d rather not go shopping for a while until the craziness of all this is gone. I believe in situations like these, the best thing to do is find the things that make you happy and create peace. Bad things happen and sometimes there isn’t anything you can really do about it, so make the best out of what you got. Don’t freak out. Be prepared, but do not go overboard because their are others that have to go without for a while because of these shelf runs.

Hello world!

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