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A lot has happened since my last blog. Yael formed an alliance with her brother Felix, then later becomes allies with Luka. Yael has been trained for many things by her trainer Vlad. The only problem is she wasn’t trained for relationships. She finds it difficult to figure out Felix, the person closest to Adele. While racing in Baghdad, they face the same obstacle which is a landslide created on purpose by someone else. They are ambushed by the soviets then captured and kidnapped. While in their base, Yael talks to their leader Vetrov and tries to negotiate. He doesn’t let her and the other racers free, but she manages to plan an escape and is successful. After their kidnapping, the racing officials give them a flight to the next checkpoint in Hanoi. Luka and Yael kill Katsuo on the road, they let him crash his bike. After more racing, Luka poisons Yael and gets a head start in the race then wins. She felt like a big failure and knew there was no other way to finish her mission. Then Luka asks her to be his date to the Victor’s ball, where she can complete her mission.

The scene I shared in my podcast was when she crashed her bike a few chapters back. I shared it because it shows Felix’s loyalty to his sister and how strong Yael is. Our book highlights what could have happened if Hitler won World War 2. The author based her story on a big ” what if “. Hitler wanted to win the war and then the next ones after that in order for Germany to take over the world. The soviet union would have also expanded and their would have been a bigger alliance with Japan. The Nazis wanted to kill the Jews and other people who were ” sub-humans”.

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