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May 19

Hello people who still like checking my blog after school is done. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Miss Maudie says, “We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step”. In the book, they were talking about how Atticus could stall the jury for a while, which is definitely something, something only Atticus can do. This is a quote that I personally remember reading when catching up for online school. I feel like my YouTube channel just keeps growing, step by step. They may be small, but they all add up, just like the quote says. I’m proud of that. Soon, I believe I’ll reach 1,000 subscribers, which is also my New Year’s resolution.

(The picture below is my daily subscriber count for the past month, according to SocialBlade. As you can see, the steps are small, yet they add up significantly.)

Apr 03

What ls My Code?

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Hello people who enjoy checking out my blog. So I think a “code” is something that you have that shapes who you are, but I’m not exactly sure. But I’ll try my best to explain my code. I try to make people happy, but I fail at it sometimes, but that’s because it’s probably someone I don’t know or have a bad history with. But I try not to offend anyone either. Apparently I’ve changed some people’s lives on Discord (chat for gamers) by being kind and avoiding tension. If I do ever insult someone, it could be just me having a bad day, or someone else affecting my behavior. I apologize to people I insult eventually.

(The picture below is of balloons, representing spreading kindness.)

9 In. Gold Pearlized Latex Balloons - 20 Ct.

Mar 27

“Harlem” Poetry Response

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Hello people who like checking out my blog. You should’ve read “Harlem” by now. I liked the poem. I think it gave a good message to all the whites out there in the 1950s. Plus, it also shows what happens when we procrastinate on our work (like me hahahahhriwblwkbpq), because you have high hopes of getting something done, but you don’t do it in time, and it just slowly dies down. When I first read the poem, I was thinking of Strange Fruit the most… and I was thinking that the “dream” was actually a body hanging from a tree. I thought it was very violent. I feel like Langston Hughes kind of wanted us to think that in a way, since his poem was also hinting about racism in the south.

(The picture below represents that it’s hard to push forward, but you’ll still make it if you try.)

Mar 26

Hey blog people and oh my gosh this online schooling stuff is horrible. Staying cooped up in my home doing nothing is really boring, but at least I can still play my Switc–
Hey! Turn in your electronics!
Yeah… So my parents have a rule where I have to give them my phone and crap at 5:30. FIVE. THIRTY. It’s annoying. I wish I could just be on them all day to keep me entertained but nope. Discord is a social media-like platform where you can chat with other gamers, and I’ve been on that usually. Talking to friends and just hanging out. There’s also another thing called Parsec, which basically lets you hijack someone’s computer, but the purpose is to play games online with other people that you normally can’t. I’ve been playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Mario Party 4 with my friend GlacialSiren484 (that’s his username). Oh yeah, the elephant in the room. Animal Crossing: New Horizons released on March 20th… But I cheated a little and got the game 2 days early… but only to test it out. It was awesome. And so far, on my normal game, I’ve gotten pretty far. There’s a glitch where you can duplicate furniture, and you can sell them for infinite money. I was able to rapidly pay off my home loan that way lol. I think Nintendo patched it though. This blog post is really starting to get long… so lets make it longer and talk about some drama that was happening with some friends in real life…! Nah jk. Have fun at home. Add me on the Nintendo Switch: SW-2716-2718-3398

(The picture below is of my Animal Crossing character so far. Next to me are Tom Nook’s twin sons, Timmy and Tommy.)


Mar 18

Hello people who enjoy checking out my blog. “Strange Fruit” has a really dark message. The analysis of it helped me understand why. I think this poem is creative, it shows how people were cruelly treated in the south back then. For my personal opinion, I’d say I like this poem, but only for it’s creativity. I have no straight opinion about the message the poem gives. But, the dark turn makes me feel uncomfortable, and makes me think about what would happen if you lived back then, any race. Abel Meeropol proves a point that yes, people were very racist back then. The poem itself, however is in no way racist, as it only states facts. As long as you understand the poem, every point that the author tries to make comes across. I’d say there’s nothing unclear about it. And yes, this completely traces back to To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus stops some aggressive men from lynching Tom Robinson in chapter 15.

(The picture below is of Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird, in court, most likely defending Tom Robinson.)

Image result for atticus to kill a mockingbird

Mar 18

Blind Spots

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Hello people who enjoy viewing my blog, enjoying the break (ish)? When Atticus says “good men with blind spots” about the people who were going to lynch Tom Robinson, I think he means that even though they want to do something bad to Tom Robinson, they still have done some good things that might have affected someone’s life positively. Not everyone is completely bad, and there’s always some good in someone, even if it’s small. This also applies to people everyone thinks they’re good. Of course, everyone makes mistakes. They could have done something bad in their life, whether it be an accident, or something entirely intentional, they definitely have.

(The picture below is the yin yang, which I think is supposed to represent good and bad.)

Image result for yin yang

Mar 10

Real Courage

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Hello bloggy people thingies. I think what Atticus tells Jem about for courage is pretty accurate. You probably don’t want to visit some shady and cranky old lady you barely know just to read them a story. I like to think courage is something someone has that keeps them moving forward, even if you don’t want to do it. Atticus describes this perfectly. Courage can consist of just taking out the trash to something like cliff jumping. Yeah, I thought of jumping off a cliff into water one time, where it was VERY high. I didn’t do it though, because I don’t have real courage.

Also, happy Mar10 day!

(The picture below is of a man jumping off of a cliff.)

Mar 02


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Sup muchachos who enjoy viewing my blog. I don’t really get what Atticus is saying here… This book confuses me. But according to the questions used for this prompt, it kind of says something along the lines of trying something, even though you know you’re gonna lose. Well, it depends on the context. If you have an opportunity to get to know more people, then sure. If not, then it’s probably not worth your time. But, if you have to sacrifice something for it, consider your choices with this thing you’re sacrificing. I feel like school makes you constantly work with no reward at the end but I give a weak attempt at trying my best anyway.

(The Picture Below Is Of A Quinceañera, which is a celebration for a girl turning 15 in Spanish cultures. It represents all your hard work paying off in the end.)

Feb 25

Hello people who like to check out my blog… This topic is kinda weird, I don’t really know how to respond to it. I think we’re replying to what we think about Miss Maudie saying that people are so focused on the “next world”. I have no idea what this means or how to reply to that and that’s why I’m having trouble… Now I’m worrying about what picture to put because nothing is relevant to my blog post… Ok let me try to ignore the quotes and crap and try to reply…

People are think about the future too much that they can’t worry about the present? Ok this was a bad topic in my opinion aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

(The picture below represents the emoji used for showing the blood type B, since nothing would fit here anyway.)

Feb 19

Hello yellow bellow fellows who like to see my bloggie woggie. Basically, when Atticus says to climb into another person’s skin, it means that you’re trying to view what someone else would see the world as. In a nutshell, it’s a belief window, but you try to use someone else’s window. And no, this isn’t illegal 😛

Knowing what someone else thinks or feels about an outcome can help you understand what these people are going through and how you can help them. I don’t really do this, because something in my brain tells me that they’re depressed and it’s affecting their life a lot every single time. And I mean, yeah, that’s kinda the case for almost every teenager I’ve seen on not only social media, but real life too.

A final word I’d like to say is that I’m not depressed. I’ve learned from people’s mistakes and realized how people get depressed and how people continue it, which shows me how to avoid it. Here’s some advice: Try not to think you’re depressed and think before you speak. Like, don’t say you’re going to kill yourself if you really aren’t, and don’t think dark and dirty around other people. For me it makes me feel uncomfortable, maybe for others too.

Ok that was way longer than I thought it would be, but if you made it this far, then you earn the MarioGlitchy9 token of appreciation. I guess my mind just keeps brainstorming constantly.

(The picture below is of P E O P L E)