To Kill a Mockingbird Review

The Book: The main theme or message the author wants us to get by reading this book is that you have to see people who they truly are. It starts with two little kids, Jem and Scout, and explains they’re trials and discoveries of a period of a couple years. Times are not easy for them or their father, Atticus, who is put to a very difficult task, but the family and the people of Maycomb county where they live. Over the years, people have come to love this book and everything it teaches. Though personally it wasn’t my favorite book I’ve ever read, due to the slowness of the many of the chapters, I did really love the point it gets across and I think everyone needs to learn this concept and work on it better in their daily lives. I would recommend this book to everyone to eventually read.

The Film: The movie for the book definitely includes all of the most important parts. It also portrayed the characters in a way that made perfect sense and helped me to learn their personalities a little bit better. It also helps watchers to feel the intensity of specific moments that they may not have felt while reading the book. The best scene is at the very end when you get to see the interaction between Scout and someone who was not particularity accepted in the community. It would have been nice to have seen more of Aunt Alexandra and the other ladies of Maycomb, just to emphasize how different the perspectives of the people were.  Other than that though, I enjoyed the movie and also think that it is a great thing for everyone to watch at some point in their lives.

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