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The Story I Enjoyed the Most or Disliked the Least

I didn’t really like any of the stories, but the one I disliked the least was probably Harrison Bergeron. The story was about a couple named George and Hazel Bergeron, that have a son named Harrison, and they live in a world that tries to be equal. But instead of trying to improve everyone by making them stronger and smarter, they make everyone weaker and dumber. They have “handicaps” that make them uglier and weights on the strong people to make them weaker, and noise makers in peoples ears who are extremely smart. George and Hazels son Harrison was taken to prison, but he escaped, and interrupted the ballet T.V broadcast that Hazel and George were watching. He then took off all of his handicaps, then told everyone he was the emperor, then he told the ballerinas that the first one to stand would be his emperess. One of the ballerinas stood up, then they danced, and they floated in the air, until the handicapper general came and shot them with 10 gage shotgun. Then they obviously died, then hazel started crying, but since she is naturally stupid, she immediately forgot what she was crying about, then George told her to stop crying. I didn’t really connect with anything in the story, but I liked the story a lot. There isn’t a specific part i liked, because I liked the whole thing. I’m just gonna say that the author did a good job with the whole plot of the story. One of the elements of craft was foreshadowing! The suspense that built when Harrison escaped prison.

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The Good Stuff

I feel like this is cliche, but I think I need to share what I’m thankful for! I usually don’t think about this until my mom makes me tell what I’m thankful for at thanksgiving to all of my stupid little cousins and stupid relatives that tell me that I’ve grown every time I see them! First of all, I’m going to grow! But I truly am grateful for those times, because this year I have had a lot of relatives pass away, but I also get new ones, that are babies, and that’s awesome! I’m grateful for babies! I’m grateful for food and water because not everyone can just get up and get a glass of water or go make them a salad! I’m grateful for my parents, and my sister! I’m grateful for my friends! I’m grateful for Olaf, because why not? Olaf is pretty cool so… I’m grateful for my education even though I literally hate going to school so much. I’m grateful that I have a bed to sleep in and a roof that protects me from the rain and snow. I’m grateful for Tik Tok, even though I’m not famous. Yet…… I’m grateful for the movie elf because Will Ferrell is the best. I’m grateful for life! That’s a little bit of what I am grateful for.


Everybody Was Finally Equal

In English today we read a story called Harrison Bergeron, and it was about a dystopian society that loves the idea of equality that they tried making everyone equal by giving people “handicaps” and so that they can’t be the best of who they are, because apparently its easier to make everyone stupid and weak instead of smart and strong. In the story, on of the characters had a noisemaker in his ear that made a very distracting noise so it made him lose track of where he was when he was thinking. This might have nothing to do with us, but there are similar things in the world to this little device. Like, for instance, cell phones. When it dings or buzzes, we lose track in our thinking to go and check why our phone buzzed. Sometimes, we can also punish people for being very smart. Which is why the character in the story had the device in his ear. Because he was very smart and the government didn’t want him to take over the world with his good thinking. Ways we punish people for being smart is like when someone gets 100% on a test, we make fun and call them a nerd. That’s not fair! It’s an awesome thing that the person was able to put in the effort to study until they were saying math equations in their sleep! They were very successful and got 100%!! That’s an amazing accomplishment. I think our society should stop doing these things.


What’s On My Mind?

All that has been on my mind today is the fact that it’s almost Christmas! I love Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday. And I especially love that I can go black Friday shopping and find stuff for Christmas! I love all the lights, and ever since Halloween has ended, I have been jamming out to Christmas tunes! I even have a mini Christmas tree in my room with colorful lights and ornaments from 10 years ago on it! My dad keeps telling me that thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, and he told me to stop with the Christmas music, but there aren’t any Thanksgiving songs! I keep talking about Christmas and snow and my parents are severely annoyed by it, but I really don’t care, because Christmas is amazing! That’s all that’s been on my mind for the past 15 days! (15 days from November 1st)

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What’s This Got to Do With Me?

What does the sniper have to do with me? It’s about a guy who is a sniper trying to kill his opponent during the civil war, and he shoots someone after getting shot in the arm. and then he goes to see who he shot and he turns over the body and… it’s his brother. I haven’t shot my sister, and my sister hasn’t shot me, so what in the living heck does this have to do with me? Well, this story could teach other things. Like, when you do something, and you immediately want to take it back. Like when you roast someone and they have an epic comeback, that was even more epic than the roast, you want to take the roast back because you got double roasted. Especially when there is people around when you and another person are in the middle of a roast, and then they all chime in and say RRRRRROASTED!!!! This has happened to me an uncountable amount of times. So please, whatever you do, don’t get double roasted. It’s horrible. But, now that I took a different perspective on how The Sniper has something to do with me, I understand that it’s not just teaching a lesson on being careful with guns and know your target before you shoot.

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Suspense and Word Choice in a Freewrite

In 3rd grade, I was playing with my friend Morgan. And no, I wasn’t playing with myself, I have a friend named Morgan. We built a snowman. Then, we had to go to my sister’s basketball game. My sister’s team won. Then, when we came back to my house, OUR FRONT DOOR WAS OPEN! And there were cops parked in front of our house! We all walked into the house, kind of scared. My dad went in first. We went into the pantry and there was an open bag of Doritos in the pantry, and my friend morgan said that it wasn’t her that opened them, and it wasn’t anyone in my family either! We were kind of freaked out! Then, we heard a sound from upstairs…


Free! Body and soul free!

There are many things in the world that make people feel trapped. One of the things that definitely makes me feel trapped is having strict parents. They don’t let me do a lot of things that are totally okay, not illegal or against my religion or anything! Sometimes I feel like they put me in a cardboard box and taped it shut. Obviously, my parents don’t let me do illegal things, but that makes perfect sense because its not one of my parents rules, its a law. The only way I can truly escape this is to move out as soon as I turn 18. What being body and soul free means to me is that there isn’t anything holding you down. Your free to make your own rules and decisions for yourself. I really wish sometimes my parents weren’t so strict or rule crazy, but there isn’t anything I can do about that right now, because in their eyes my opinion on their rules doesn’t matter.

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1st Term Business

English has always been one of my stronger subjects. My grandpa used to teach high school English so it’s kind of something that runs in my blood. Unlike math, because my whole family sucks at that. I feel really confident in my English work so far. I have given my work lots of effort, because I wanted a good grade. My greatest success in this class was probably finding a book that I actually like and can read for 15 minutes straight without stopping in between to play Minecraft or make a Tik Tok, because at home when my mom makes me read, that’s usually what ends up happening. I NEED to work on getting my assignments in on time, and if I miss a day then turning them in after I’m gone. Because I really struggle with that. I have experienced growth, I’m progressing in reading, tiny bits at a time, I also have been experiencing growth with annotating. I feel like I am really good at annotating. My goal for 2nd term is a 4.0 and to turn in all my assignments on time. I want to be able to write essays and summaries better then i already can. This is important to me because I want to show that just because I’m not in English Honors, that I can still write really good. I’m going to accomplish this goal by asking for help if i need it and really pay attention in class.


Technology: Friend or Foe?

I think technology is our friend. Technology is really important in the world today. We can watch the news on our T.V to see what is going on in the world. We can post pictures on social media to show our family and friends what we are up to. We can write articles on laptops. We can Google questions on computers. We can facetime family and friends around the world. We can shop on Amazon and other shopping websites. Sure, there are ways to abuse technology and use it for the wrong reasons. For example, rot your brain out by playing Minecraft for 3 days straight. But if you use technology for the right reasons, it’s very helpful and really cool!


The First Story I Read

The story I chose is called The Veldt, by the Saturday evening post. At first, I thought it was lame and wasn’t what Mr. Green described to us, but then I kept reading and realized it was worse than when he described. It starts with Lydia Hadley asking her husband George Hadley to check out the nursery. Their children, Wendy and Peter Hadley were in there watching the veldt. It was an African savannah with lions. It wasn’t an ordinary veldt, this veldt was really big and seemed real. Almost too real… the veldt is hooked up to the children’s thoughts, and the parents are worried that the children are thinking of the African Savannah with lions. It doesn’t seem that bad, but it isn’t just the lions. The lions are eating things. And it’s getting really scary. George and Lydia Hadley want Wendy and Peter to stop watching the veldt, but Wendy and Peter disobey and keep watching anyway. The story moves forward because the veldt is getting scarier. I like the story a lot, but it’s kind of disturbing at times.


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