The Good Stuff

I feel like this is cliche, but I think I need to share what I’m thankful for! I usually don’t think about this until my mom makes me tell what I’m thankful for at thanksgiving to all of my stupid little cousins and stupid relatives that tell me that I’ve grown every time I see them! First of all, I’m going to grow! But I truly am grateful for those times, because this year I have had a lot of relatives pass away, but I also get new ones, that are babies, and that’s awesome! I’m grateful for babies! I’m grateful for food and water because not everyone can just get up and get a glass of water or go make them a salad! I’m grateful for my parents, and my sister! I’m grateful for my friends! I’m grateful for Olaf, because why not? Olaf is pretty cool so… I’m grateful for my education even though I literally hate going to school so much. I’m grateful that I have a bed to sleep in and a roof that protects me from the rain and snow. I’m grateful for Tik Tok, even though I’m not famous. Yet…… I’m grateful for the movie elf because Will Ferrell is the best. I’m grateful for life! That’s a little bit of what I am grateful for 🙂

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