Getting To Know My Inner Voice


I have learned that my inner voice is only two things. Either really annoying and distracting or really resourceful and helpful. It is never in between. It’s honestly so weird thinking about my inner voice because it’s not really something you think about. It’s just there. My inner voice either interprets what I’m reading really well or entertains me if I’m reading something boring. Like I said at the beginning, my inner voice is either really distracting or its really useful. I’m either thinking of a meme while I’m reading, because it’s being distracting, or I’m thinking about what I’m reading, which is when my inner voice is being really helpful. I think we always have this voice running through our mind because I feel like, without it, we wouldn’t be able to think. I think its a really helpful tool. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Getting To Know My Inner Voice

  1. It is interesting that your inner voice is either helpful or distracting, my inner voice is usually not distracting, or very helpful.

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