The Story I enjoyed the Most

So in class we’ve read somewhere around 5 short stories and my favorite one was “The Sniper” sadly it’s not an option to write about, so I’m gonna write about “Harrison Bergeron” I didn’t not like this story, it was okay. I just liked it more than “The Story of an Hour” and “August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains” Basically what happens in the story of “Harrison Bergeron” is that the government made it so every body had to be equal, by giving them things called handicaps, in all things such as intelligence, strength, beauty just to name a few. Anyways, there’s guy named Harrison Bergeron who escaped from prison and is planning to over throw the government, Harrison is 7 feet tall, really strong, very intelligent and good looking. He ends up interrupting a television broadcast and choosing a queen, he also takes off a bunch of peoples handicaps. The person in charge of giving handicaps comes in and shoots Harrison and his queen with a shotgun. They both die instantly. That’s pretty much all that happens in the story “Harrison Bergeron”

The Good Shtuff

So, in English class we’re required to write about what we’re grateful for. Mr Green is right, it is one of the most cliche things a teacher can have you write about and it’s up there with making a Christmas list. I’m sure we’ll do that too. But the thing that he was most right about is that it is important to be grateful. Most people say things like family, friends, food, a house just to get out of it, but I think that these are important things and that we should recognize where we are now and what they’ve done to influence that. I also think that it’s just as important to show you’re loved ones how thankful you are for them. Am I grateful for those things that I mentioned earlier? Yes. I am absolutely grateful for my house, food, heat, luxuries but most importantly friends and family.

Why Equal Doesn’t Mean Same

So in class(not me, I’m in the Caribbean right now)most of us read a story about a society that got equal mixed up with same. Before I give some examples of this in our society I’m going to explain what I mean first. So, when I say equal doesn’t mean same I mean that just because people have equal rights doesn’t make them the same. One example of this is gender. The both males and females have equal rights and people seem to think that it makes them the same but they’re definitely not. I don’t wanna go on a tangent about why I think that there are only two genders and why men and women should have different bathrooms or even why changing genders is gross and wrong. The point that I want you remember is that it’s ok to be different but don’t strive to be different. Just be yourself.

What’s This Got to Do With Me?


In class we each got to choose a story to read and annotate, I chose The Sniper by Liam O’Flaherty. In this story a man was having trouble taking out another sniper. After he did, he was curious about who it was so he went to look. When he looked he saw that it was his brother, and we’re left with that. So, I’m going to say what this story has to do with me. If you’ve read my All About Me page then you know that I want to join the military and become a Green Beret, and if you haven’t checked it out make sure to do that. Anyways, I feel like since I want to join special forces that I’m going to have to see some pretty brutal and scarring things. So in a way I feel like what this guy is probably going through, when it comes to PTSD, is something that I’ll probably have to go through as well. No, I’m not saying that I’m gonna end up sniping my brother or anything, but just that he’s seen brutal stuff and I probably will too.

“Free; Body and Soul Free!”

In class I(and probably all of you)read the short story “Free, Body and Soul Free!” and I’ve decided to talk about what can make people feel trapped or oppressed. No I’m not talking about cages, prison or school but instead about things that don’t allow us to live our lives. Some people are in situations where they are actually oppressed, for example women before they had rights, slavery or even some very minor not at all extreme cases. But I think that a huge reason people feel oppressed is because of themselves. Some of you might be thinking “that makes no sense” but let me assure you, it does. One example of this is people trying to get attention by saying that they’re oppressed and that they aren’t treated like everybody else, and the sad thing is that people will actually believe them. They say this enough that the one who started it actually begins to believe it. I’m gonna give some advice that might make some people mad(if anyone ends up reading this). Just because someone feels oppressed doesn’t mean that they’re actually oppressed. That’s why I think some people feel trapped or oppressed.

The Victim

Ensuing a prolonged day of delivering all his employers commands, James Shole grabbed his coat and scarf walk the narrow road abode. He roamed the road alone, with his enslaved mind of endless thoughts of course. As he roamed the open road his thoughts were drawn to the previous events of the day. A normal day of work it was, no better no worse. If it could get any worse. He had many questions that wander the cluttered chaos of his mind. Why had his employer yelled at him? Why hadn’t his article be approved? Why had he thrown things at him? Why wasn’t he appreciated? Then it hit him. He didn’t need there appreciation or approval, he only needed his own! He was so deep into his mind he forgot to check the empty street before crossing. The next thing he knew was the street. He looked up and saw a familiar car, then a familiar face not a pleasant one but still, a face. When his vision cleared he saw his employer, Jim. This was it. This was his moment to show that he didn’t need approval, Jim’s approval. He let the anger control him and his endless labyrinth of a mind. He got to his feet and his hands immediately gripped Jim’s throat and pinned him to the car. James, now laughing applies more pressure with every passing second. Jim with a now purple face and with bloodshot eyes, please for mercy that will not come. Seconds pass, then minutes that turn to hours until the sun rises and James returns to work for the slowly approaching day in that he is the victim.

First Term Business

Yay! The term one is finally over! I can’t believe that we’re already a quarter of the way done with school. So, since the term is over I thought that I’d kinda look back at term one and see how I’ve improved. Some of my past posts haven’t been as good as others and the ones that aren’t that good are the earlier posts. I think that I have definitely improved with my writing skills and my typing speed. I hope that I continue to improve through out term two and the rest of the year. I’d like to thank those of you who read my blog(if there are any)for reading my post all through out term one. Au revoir!

Technology: Friend or Foe?

I definitely think that technology is a friend. Many people say we’re obsessed with our technology and that we’re too reliant on it so we shouldn’t use it anymore. I have one thing to say about that, It’s not an obsession! We have the technology available to us so there’s not a reason not to use it. Sure, some people might be on their phone, social media, TV, or video games way to long than what’s healthy but the majority of us aren’t. To people who are anti tech, pro tech people don’t have lives outside of their tech and we don’t have friends, we don’t go outside, we don’t have jobs, but this is absolutely not true. The YouTube channel gameranx did a video that pretty much makes my point(I would put a link to it in this post but I can’t find it thanks to Iboss) and I totally recommend it to you guys. To those of you guys who are reading this, Thanks for reading!

The First Story I Read

The short story that I read is “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. In the story there’s an odd or what some people might say a very violent tradition. This tradition they call the Lottery, it happens every now and then I’m sure how time is in between each one because it never specifies but I’m guessing around every six months or so. Anyways, each person in the town, over the age of sixteen(I think, but I could be wrong on the age)takes a piece of paper from a black box and are not allowed to look at it until everyone has got theirs. Only one of the pieces has a black dot on it so only one person will draw the black dot. I can’t spoil anything to you guys(especially because I want to get a good score on this)so if you’re curious about what the black dot might mean go read it for yourself. It’s not that long, only about four and half pages so you could read it in like five or six minutes. I didn’t really like it though, it got confusing at times almost as if my copy was missing an entire page. I would definitely recommend it though, especially to those of you who like weird and dark yet casual stories.

What I’ve Been Reading

So, like most of you guys I like reading. In the summer and into the school year I’ve read a little over 5 books(1000 pages). Those 5 books are The Death Cure, Milkweed and Skulduggery Pleasant. I really liked them all for different reasons, I’ve talked about the Maze Runner books before in an earlier blog post so if you haven’t read that one you should go check it out. Anyways, why I like Milkweed. Milkweed was definitely a new sort of book for me because I’m not the biggest fan of Historical Fiction books but I’d say this one was pretty good. Skulduggery Pleasant was also a new type of book for me because I hadn’t ever read a fantasy book until now, I really liked the characters and it was kinda refreshing in a way because it was simple, fun, adventurous and like I said earlier, new. So yeah, that’s what I’ve read so far this year and I can guarantee that there’ll be more to come.