How did I do during first term

Last term I did pretty good.  I was good at paying attention in class and understanding the work.  I had problems with doing my homework and turning it in on time.  During second term I want to be better at doing my homework and getting it in on time.  My goal during second term will be to keep my grades above a B and turn in my homework done and on time in all my classes.  I hope that I’ll be better at doing my homework by Christmas break so I can keep my grades above a B.  I know that I’ll have improved because My grade will be above a B and I won’t have any missing assignments.

The Power of Words

I think that authors use words that match the mood in the story and that help the reader understand the mood better when reading.  I think that they use them to try to make you understand what they’re saying a little better, and to make connections to things that aren’t in the writing.  I think they are able to influence our feelings with the mood and tone of the characters in the book, like if the characters are sad then usually the reader is sad, and if the characters are happy then the reader is usually happy while reading, e.t.c.

What kind of writer am I?

I have found that writing is not my favorite, but that I am OK at it.  So far my strengths are doing the blog posts and short stories are my favorite writing thing we’ve done so far.  In general I am not great at writing so it’s not my favorite thing, but I have found that I don’t like writing a response paragraph.  I think that I could improve the way I say things when I write, and I think that I could improve the time it takes me to write.  My goal is to improve the things that I mentioned before.

How I felt about the first story

I liked the story and I liked the room that could project things as if they were there in that room.  I think that it could of been better if the parents had a better rules for the kids so they didn’t do want ever they wanted and not listen to the parents when they were trying to tell them what to do.  I also think that the children should have been taught better by their parents instead of the nursery. I also think that the children should have known not to mess with the nursery and then lie to their parents about, because if the parents had taught the children better themselves then they wouldn’t have that problem.