The end is half way upon us

I am mostly proud of the work I did this semester, I wish I had done better at getting work in on time and sometimes actually doing the work.  Like I said I want to improve the things I just said, and I wish I was better at annotating articles and writing stories.  I  don’t read as much as I did at the end of last school year but I read fairly often and enjoy what I read.  I definitely use the reading time proficiently because I like reading and I don’t really get to read at school so it’s great to have a break from school work for a little.  My goal was to make sure I got my work on time.

1% gain

If I were going to improve something in my life by 1% it would be doing my homework, because in seventh grade our homework in math didn’t effect our grade so I didn’t do it.  But when I got to 8th grade it did effect our grade and I still had trouble doing so my grade wasn’t great, and I want to improve that so I don’t fail high school and so when I go to college I will actually do my homework.  I think that a small extra effort will help me get back in the habit of doing homework before I do anything else.