I think that we should not teach Shakespeare, because it can be hard for some kids to understand his writings and the way he says things, which makes it harder for them to learn and they could possibly become a distraction to those who are trying to learn.  His plays are also hundreds of years old and some students could think that they are a complete waste of time because nothing in them relates to modern life and they’re hard to understand.  Learning about Shakespeare can be a bit more like a history lesson than a topic for English class 

Everything I know or think I know about Shakespeare

I know that Shakespeare was a writer who wrote plays and books, and was very popular in his time.  I have not read or seen any of his plays but I’ve heard a lot about them.  I think that Shakespeare will be good but it just won’t be my favorite thing to read, but I could be completely wrong because I haven’t read or seen them.  I’m hoping that I’ll learn more about Shakespeare, because he and his plays are a good thing to learn about and know about so you know what he did and what his plays are.

Self assessment

Being able to assess our own work helps with being able to realize what is wrong with our work and being able to fix it.  It can help in school if you did something wrong on an assignment you can realize and fix it.  It can help outside of school when you’re building something or putting something together, if you put something in the wrong place you can realize and fix your mistake.  In your future profession it can help with reports or papers you might have to do, it can help you figure out if you had bad grammar or spelling.