I’m a big kid now

I’ve grown a lot this year especially being able to understand and follow learning targets of each of my classes and being able to understand and do the work because of that I am most proud of the grade I got in English because it is usually my worst class and I have a hard time with it, but this year I felt like I did a lot better.  I plan to keep working on doing my homework, because I tend to fall behind easily and I want to fix that so I’m not as stressed out.  I have become a little bit less shy then I was at the beginning of the year and I understand math a lot better.

Secrets Secrets are no fun; secrets secrets hurt someone

I think that people keep secrets to try and protect themselves or someone else, because they think that it’s the only way.  Because sometimes it’s hard to talk to people, especially about problems that we could be embarrassed about.  When you talk to someone about your problems, they can try to help you or find you help so that you can fix your problem instead of making it worse.  I think that sometimes kids our age will lie about something and keep it secret because they feel like their problem makes them a bad person and they don’t want other people knowing about it.

Love Moderately

I think that he’s trying to tell them not to be to extreme in their relationship.  I think this is good advice for almost everything because being to extreme in anyway could end up being bad.  I think that they should take this advice because it’s really good advice, but I don’t think they will because they’re being illegally married and they are still teenagers.  i don’t think they are moderate people because, Romeo was super sad about one girl and then way to excited about the next one.  I think they should tell their parents or someone else so something bad doesn’t happen.


I think that people can hate other people so much because they were taught to hate certain people or they have a reason that is probably pretty dumb and they let that reason decide if they hate a person.  I don’t really hate anyone, but a lot of people annoy me and I don’t like them as much, and it’s probably just an irrational reason but some people make me mad when they don’t stop doing something if I asked them to stop and they are annoying on purpose.  I think that you have to put the hatred behind you because it can blind you from seeing the good things in the person that you don’t like and it can affect how you treat other people and what you think of them.