Authority on Courage and Integrity

I chose Abraham Lincoln because he was faced with lots of hard decisions.  I think he’d say, “Sometimes the right decision requires sacrifices, but it is still the right decision and you should go with it no matter what.”  “You might not be able to determine which one is the right decision, so choose the one that sounds the safest and most beneficial for you and others around you.

Blind Spots

I think that Mr. Cunningham is still a good man but he tried to do something wrong just because of something he believes in.  Yes Mr. Cunningham did try to do something really bad, but I think that he is still “basically a good man.”  I honestly don’t think that just because you did something wrong you’re a bad person, because there could be some way you were provoked or it could have just been an accident but your still a good person who just did something wrong.  I think that Atticus was right about blind spots and people have a belief window which has all the things they think and they could think that racism is good and black people are not.


I think that it would be really hard to do something that hard just because it’s the right thing.  I think that it is always worth it to try and do something hard just because it’s right because most of the time you are helping someone when no one else will.  It depends son what the situation is to decide how much to sacrifice.  Because if you are a worshiper of God then most would drop everything for him, but it’s a lot harder to do that if you only think it’s the right choice.  Atticus is willing to sacrifice almost anything, even though he knows he’ll lose, just because he thinks it’s right and that takes guts.  I think that it is good that he’s willing to sacrifice his family like that as long as he doesn’t go to far.

Climbing Into Another Persons Skin

He means before you judge someone to harshly think about what might be happening in their life and think about how they might be having an even harder time then they could be giving you.  Yes it is definitely illegal.  This could help you get along with people because you could find out what’s going on in their life and find a way to help them instead of judging them harshly.  I don’t do this but I am going to try and do this from now on so I get along better with other people.  I think that doing this does help you get along better with other people even if you don’t realize it.

Beliefs and Actions

I think that the belief window is real and that most people don’t even realize it’s there, I think about it until the other day when we read an article about it.  I think it is important to know what we believe because if you don’t you could feel lost or not know the difference between good and bad and end up doing something bad and not realizing that it’s bad because you don’t know.  I think that our beliefs are formed throughout our lives by things that we are taught and that we learn and just what type of person you are.  I think that our belief’s shape our action’s because, like I said, some people don’t learn the difference between right and wrong and believe that something bad is actually good.

The end is half way upon us

I am mostly proud of the work I did this semester, I wish I had done better at getting work in on time and sometimes actually doing the work.  Like I said I want to improve the things I just said, and I wish I was better at annotating articles and writing stories.  I  don’t read as much as I did at the end of last school year but I read fairly often and enjoy what I read.  I definitely use the reading time proficiently because I like reading and I don’t really get to read at school so it’s great to have a break from school work for a little.  My goal was to make sure I got my work on time.

1% gain

If I were going to improve something in my life by 1% it would be doing my homework, because in seventh grade our homework in math didn’t effect our grade so I didn’t do it.  But when I got to 8th grade it did effect our grade and I still had trouble doing so my grade wasn’t great, and I want to improve that so I don’t fail high school and so when I go to college I will actually do my homework.  I think that a small extra effort will help me get back in the habit of doing homework before I do anything else.

Tell me about it

I would probably write about my trip to Denmark on Saturday because I am super excited and we found tickets for $900 for my family of 5.  All I know so far is that we will be going to a soccer game, we’ll go to Sweden for a day and on the way there we have to drive to California and then we fly to London I think and then fly the rest of the way to Denmark.  The only down side is that I’ll miss seven days of school and will have to catch up when I get home.  One of the good things though is that next week there are only two days of school so I won’t miss two whole weeks of school.

What I am reading

I am currently reading “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and I so far like it.  It is the 4th book in the Harry Potter series and is really long and I chose to read it because I had stopped reading it last year because I wasn’t going to finish it in time for my book report so I started a different series and decided this year that I wanted to actually read it.  I’m only at page 100 but I don’t like how slow it’s starting.  It’s about a 14 year old boy and he is a wizard and they a having a sort of magical tournament at his school and he get put into it by someone else.  Readers who like action and fantasy would like it.  I would definitely recommend it to those who have read the first three books, because if you haven’t then it can get pretty confusing.

Who am I as a reader

I am a reader who when I get into a book I just read for hours straight without realizing it.  I read the Percy Jackson series over a week and 1/2 because I liked it so much.  I have found that if I try to read books with a slower story line or more confusing writing I don’t get into the book as well or at all and I quit reading for a while because I stopped reading a book and I never found another one.  If I can find a series that I like I change books when I finish a book without searching for a new book and just start the next book in a series.