Deep Thinker 1.1

Source: Two Summers, Aimee Friedman-page 45

Quote: That she’d go through the motions of her summer, counting the days until my return, while I was off having rich, juicy experiences. The evidence, though, is as clear as a picture: Ruby is still the one having the experiences, and I’m here, slumped at a desk in an empty house.

Context: What’s happening in the book right now is the main character is  Summer and her mom lives in America and her dad lives in France. Summer goes to France to visit her dad and when she gets there, her dad is in Berlin and she has nowhere to go. So in this quote, shes missing her friends who are celebrating independence day, and she wants to be with her best friend. But she is stuck in France with no one to celebrate with.

This made me think: That she should just go home. I don’t understand why she is staying and why she feels that she needs to stay until her dad comes back. She’s missing her friends and her mom and she wants to go home but she just hasn’t left yet.


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