A Monster Calls Book Review

The book starts with Conor O’Malley a middle school aged boy whose mom has cancer. He’s basically taking care of himself and his mom at a very young age. His dad and mom are divorced and his dad lives with his new wife and kid in america all while Conor is going through all this. Then a monster comes and starts telling these story’s to Conor about how things don’t always happen the way that we expect them to. The monster comes every night at 12:07 to tell Conor a story. The monster tells Conor 3 stories and then the 4th story will be Conor’s truth. Since Conor has no dad living with him and no one to really take care of him, his grandma came over to stay with them for a couple of days (Conor doesn’t like his grandma too much). While his grandma is there, his moms heath has gone downhill and she has to be taken to the hospital and Conor has to stay with his grandma. I think one of the big ideas in the book is that it’s hard to someone go, but then the recovery process can begin.

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