What Would It Be Like

If I had to be a foster child, I would be feeling so many emotions. Liesel was also supposed to have her brother so that transition would’ve been easier because she would’ve had someone there. Liesel has lost so much, and at such an early age is really sad, but she’s really lucky that she was put with such an amazing foster family. But this must’ve been a really traumatic experience for her, she saw her dead brother, buried him and then her mom left her with a strange family whom she had never met before. Liesel took the whole transition so well and started bonding with her new family. That change would’ve been hard for me, and I probably wouldn’t have taken it as well as Liesel.

One thought on “What Would It Be Like

  1. Writing this post I totally forgot about her brother and how the combination of the death and the new foster family would affect her. Good point.

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