Deep Thinker 2.5

Source: Paper Towns by John Green, Page 167

Quote: “It was profoundly creepy to see desktop after desktop with the same unmarked calendar: February 1986. February 1986. February 1986. June 1986. February 1986. I spun around and shone the light on a desk in the very center of the room the calendar had been changed to June, I leaned in close and looked at the paper of the calendar, oping to see a jagged edge where previous months had been torn off or some marks on the page where a pen had pushed through the paper, but there was nothing different from the other calendars, save the date.”

Context: Quentin the main character is still looking for Margo, but this time he has found a clue. As he was looking through the building for his soon to come clue he comes upon all these desks. All are the same except for one. This one has slight changes but enough for Q to figure out that someone had been there. And it was not some random person it was Margo

This Makes Me Think: I chose this quote because I think that some clues in our life can lead us to the ultimate treasure. This could be a person or it could be an actual treasure chest. In this case, it is leading Q one step closer to finding Margo. Margo always leaves specific clues for Q that only he can find. This gets his one step closer to his final goal.


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