Book Review 2.2

What I Read: I read Paper Towns by John Green. The book is young adult fiction, and also mystery. And had 305 pages. This was a pretty good book, so I give it a 8.5/10. I would have been better but it was kinda slow and took me long to read.

How It Starts: After being childhood best friends that had drifted apart, Margo shows up one night at Quentin’s window. Little does Quentin know that this would be a night that he would never forget. Margo and Q pull an all niter where they are determined to get revenge on all of the people that did Margo wrong.

How It Gets Complicated: Towards the end of the night Margo says something kind of weird to Q, she says “I. Will. Miss. Hanging. Out. With. You.” At first Q just brushes it off like she hadn’t said anything, until he realizes that Margo had gone missing after he hadn’t seen her at school for the last couple of days.

What I Liked: I liked how this book made you want to keep reading with every chapter that passed. It always made me feel like I was apart of the story and right there trying to find Margo.

What I Disliked: I feel like whenever I thought that Q was so close to solving the mystery, the author throws another curve ball at you. When he finds a clue, it brings you back to square one. I makes you kind of lose all hope and then they throw another clue at you.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to girls who love mystery books and who likes big shocking events.


Book Review 2.1

What I Read: I read Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. It is a young adult fiction book. And it has 306 pages. And i give this book a 8.5/10.

How It Starts: The book starts off with the main character Madeline Whittier. She likes to read and in her books she has a reward when found page. Sometimes the rewards are fanciful and sometimes not so much. But the rewards don’t matter because there is no one who needs reminding to return a book, because no one can borrow them anyway. Madeline or Maddy for short has a rare condition called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency or SKID, which means she’s allergic to the outside word or anything that has been outside. She hadn’t really wanted to go outside until she meets Olly, the boy next door. She falls for him, but can’t meet him because she is sick, and she had never wanted to go outside more. Until Carla (Maddy’s nurse) finds out what the situation is and brings Olly to meet Maddy for the first time.

How It Gets Complicated: Maddy realizes that she’s not living, she’s just thriving. She wants to live her life not run away  from it by staying inside. So she decides that she’s done not living and she took a leap in faith hoping that she wouldn’t fall or you know die. So she bought plane tickets for her and Olly to go to Hawaii together.

What I liked: I liked the story and how it developed from the main character being scared of living and so dependent on her mom and on Carla, to her being independent and ready for any challenge that she was faced with.

What I disliked: I don’t have many things that I disliked.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a developing story. A story where the main character starts off scared of life, and ends with the character wanting nothing but to live.

A Monster Calls Book Review

The book starts with Conor O’Malley a middle school aged boy whose mom has cancer. He’s basically taking care of himself and his mom at a very young age. His dad and mom are divorced and his dad lives with his new wife and kid in america all while Conor is going through all this. Then a monster comes and starts telling these story’s to Conor about how things don’t always happen the way that we expect them to. The monster comes every night at 12:07 to tell Conor a story. The monster tells Conor 3 stories and then the 4th story will be Conor’s truth. Since Conor has no dad living with him and no one to really take care of him, his grandma came over to stay with them for a couple of days (Conor doesn’t like his grandma too much). While his grandma is there, his moms heath has gone downhill and she has to be taken to the hospital and Conor has to stay with his grandma. I think one of the big ideas in the book is that it’s hard to someone go, but then the recovery process can begin.

Book Review 1.2

Book I read: Love? Maybe. By Heather Hepler, it was 267 pages and its genre is realistic fiction.

How the book started: The book started with us getting to know the main character piper and her past. We learn that the reason she can’t be in a committed relationship is because she watched her mothers two marriages fail. And her two father figures where taken away from her at the snap of a finger. She really did think that the fathers from her mothers two failed marriages loved her, but they just left. Because of this piper has this fear of rejection, unbeknownst to her, she tends to push people away when she starts getting close to them because she thinks that she’ll be hurt again, just like when her father figures left her. So this means no boys. And her friends aren’t going to let her be single forever, so they give her a little push.

How things get complicated: Things get complicated when Piper lands a date with her dream man, her forever crush. What will she do? Will she push him away like every other  romance that she has or will this one last?

What I liked: I really liked that the story brought up real issues that teens today are dealing with. The author told the story about Pipers family so descriptively that I could almost picture myself in her shoes.

What I disliked: This book had absolutely no drama, I felt like there wasn’t really a climax to the book. This made the book really hard to get through. It really lacked the spice that I was looking for unfortunately.

Would I recommend this book: No, I don’t think so. With the first book that I read this term it was almost like I couldn’t put it down, I didn’t want to stop reading, but this book lacked that intriguing sense to it which was disappointing. It was just too neat for me, when you read a book, you want to read about the drama and all the things that go on with the character, but you don’t really get that in this book.


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Book Review 1.1

The book I read:  Two Summers by Aimee Friedman, it was 355 pages, and the genre is fiction.

How the book started: The main character is named Summer Everett. Summer’s parents are divorced, her mom lives in the United States and her dad lives across the world, and she’s trying to get used to her parents being a whole ocean apart. Right before school gets out, Summer gets an email from her dad asking her to come to France for the summer and celebrate her 16th birthday. After much pleading and lots of the silent treatment Summer finally talked her mom into letting her go. When the book begins she has a lot of excitement and she arrives at the airport. She starts to doubt her decision to go to France, but it’s only really the beginning to an crazy adventure.

How things got complicated:  Summer is about to board her plane when she gets a call from a restricted number, she has to make a decision on weather or not to answer the call, this will decide whats in store for the summer ahead. Because this decision has a large impact, and the storm outside, the call splits her world into parallel worlds. Now she gets to spend her summer both in America and in France.

What I liked: The book truly showed that things sometimes don’t work out the way we want them too. And yes we get mad and irritated but sometimes we have to roll with the punches to make the best memories. These are the memories that you never forget.

What I disliked: Although the book was good, it was a little confusing having Summer in both France and America. And also the story line for the moments in America and in France were almost exactly the same, which could get boring at times but other then those critiques the book was absolutely amazing.

Would I recommend this book?: 100% yes. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something a little different. This is the first book I’ve ever read where the main character can travel from one place to another to live her perfect summer. I just find this book very intriguing and hard to put down which I liked about it.


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