Deep Thinker 1.6

Source: Love? Maybe., Heather Hepler- Page 22

Context: The book has just started but we know that Piper works at a candy shop and she loves it. She works with all her friends and she it seems like the perfect job. Piper has a friend from her swim team named Charlie and he is actually so sweet. You find out a lot about Charlie in this chapter.

Quote: ” We sit there looking out at the lights of the city and the handful of stars you can see from in town. “How was your trip?” I ask finally. “Okay,” he says. “Okay? What about all those California girls you were talking about before you left?” “Well, that part was pretty good.” He says “Heartbreaker,” I say. Charlie puts up his hand. “No hearts were broken.” “How was it with your mom?” I ask. “Weird,” He says. Charlies dad and mom split up at the end of last summer and his mom moved out to California. This was his first trip to see her. “Weird how?” I ask. “Just weird seeing her without my dad, you know?”  I nod. I’m familiar with that kind of weirdness, having lived through my mom’s two divorces. “Tell me it gets easier,” he says. I can’t see his face in the darkness, but I can hear the sadness in his voice. “It gets easier,” I say, but can’t fully muster any conviction. It took me a long time to get used to seeing my mom with Beau and it’s never been easy seeing her without him.

This made me think: Although I personally have never had to expirence the splitting up of two parents, I have seen so many close family friends go through it. It’s not easy to go through and it takes time. And with Pipers expirence she had got close to two father figures in her life, and they left.


Deep Thinker 1.5

Source: Love? Maybe., Heather Hepler- Page 103

Context: Piper Paisley does NOT like Valentines Day, just because she was born on the day doesn’t mean she has to like it. Until she gets a boyfriend and everything changes, then he breaks up with her. Although Piper is hurt, she doesn’t let that get to her. The next day, she goes to swim, and she drinks this nasty smoothie that her friends coach said to try, it was terrible. Absolutely horrendous. Kale in a smoothie, NOT an good idea. So piper ends up getting sick, and coach has a rule, one person gets sick, they get released out of swim practice early, 2 people get sick practice ends immediately and the ones who get sick have to clean up the mess. At least Piper wasn’t alone right? WRONG she sees her ex boyfriend already flirting with another girl. This makes Piper sick to her stomach… again. Until Ben Donovan came over and saved the day.

Quote: “Ben looks over to where Peter is still flirting with the blonde. “He’s really broken up about you guys,” he says I shake my head and hide a smile, both because he’s being so nice to me and because Ben Donovan actually noticed I was going out with peter.”

This makes me think: Piper likes Ben Donovan and he seems like a really big deal. He’s being really nice to Piper after the whole ‘Peter break up’. That’s a very big move for Donovan because he is surrounded by his friends and teammates and he still chooses to talk to her because he knows that she’s probably hurt by Peter bouncing back so quickly.


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Deep thinker 1.4

Source: Love? Maybe., Heather Helper- Page 5

Quote: ” “Any word from Stewart?” I ask, looking over at Claire. She shakes her head. “Maybe he doesn’t have phone service up in the mountains.” I feel my heart start racing like it always does when I lie.”

Context: Not much has really happened because the book has just started but basically, they all want valentines for Valentines Day, except for Piper. Piper doesn’t see why she needs a valentine. Just because her birthday in on Valentines Day, her friends think she is a romantic, she’s not. Her friend Claire’s boyfriend is up in the mountains and he’s not responding to Claire’s texts. This makes Claire super on edge.

This makes me think: Piper is very anxious that her boyfriend isn’t texting her back, she could be anxious for many reasons but some that I thought were relevant are, maybe she thinks he has gotten hurt or maybe she thinks that he has found another girl.


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Deep Thinker 1.3

Source: Two Summers, Aimee Friedman- page 161

Quote:“I dab at my eyes and refocus in the painting , soaking in all the details: the swirls of Dad’s paintbrush in the blue sky, the tiny crack in the lower right-hand corner of the canvas. The deep, saturated red of the poppies.

Context: Summer’s parents are divorced, but it’s not like a usual divorce when the child goes to one parent for the weekdays and the other for the weekends. Instead Summer lives with her mom a little outside of New York, and her dad lives in France. Right now she is seeing the painting her dad made for her for the first time, and she is so overwhelmed by it, she gets really emotional and starts to see that her dad loves her.

This Makes Me Think: When you go to an art gallery, you admire the art that is there. But with Summers experience it’s different, it was made for her, it’s very important. You only notice the important small details when you feel a connection to the art.


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Deep Thinker 1.2

Source: Two Summers, Aimee Friedman-page 65

Quote: “My head is really hurting, and my legs are shaky, so I let myself fall into the brown chair behind me. I hug my tote bag  my chest, holding back a sob. I don’t think you should come, Dad had said. His voice reverberates in my ears. Why would he do this, reverse everything, ruin everything? Couldn’t he have told me sooner? All my planning and packing and excitement-gone in one phone call. Done. Poof. Magic.”

Context: This is part two of the story so it’s basically another version of what is happening. In his version she never went to Paris, her dad called her and told her not to come this year but to come next year. She’s obviously very disappointed.

This Made Me Think: That Summer may be dreaming, the author hasn’t said it straight forward but they have vaguely hinted at the possibility that this may be a dream. I truly was very confused when I got to the second part of the book, it was a whole different side to the story but I hope it makes more sense towards the end of the book.


Deep Thinker 1.1

Source: Two Summers, Aimee Friedman-page 45

Quote: That she’d go through the motions of her summer, counting the days until my return, while I was off having rich, juicy experiences. The evidence, though, is as clear as a picture: Ruby is still the one having the experiences, and I’m here, slumped at a desk in an empty house.

Context: What’s happening in the book right now is the main character is  Summer and her mom lives in America and her dad lives in France. Summer goes to France to visit her dad and when she gets there, her dad is in Berlin and she has nowhere to go. So in this quote, shes missing her friends who are celebrating independence day, and she wants to be with her best friend. But she is stuck in France with no one to celebrate with.

This made me think: That she should just go home. I don’t understand why she is staying and why she feels that she needs to stay until her dad comes back. She’s missing her friends and her mom and she wants to go home but she just hasn’t left yet.