“He Was Without Imagination”

In the story “How to Build a Fire” by Jack London it says “He was without imagination”. I think that this means that a man without imagination, cannot survive. Just like in the story, the man didn’t survive. I think if the man had more of an imagination, he could’ve thought about the possible outcome and prepared for the trials. The man faces many problems while he is out in the cold, I believe if he had more of an imagination he could’ve survived. I know when I face trials I think about the outcome and usually prepare for what will happen

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“There Is Not Always A Good Guy”- The First Tale

If the story doesn’t have a clear good guy, or bad guy, what is the point of telling this story? In the real world there is no good guy and bad guy. So, with this I found there is a lot of use in these kinds of stories. Stories where there is not a good guy or a bad guy helps us relate to real life. Everyone makes mistakes, that’s what makes us imperfect, and human, so there are no absolutely perfect good guys, or really bad guys. Like in the book, A Monster Calls┬áhe said that we are all in the middle. We all have lessons to learn, and we are always improving.

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The Wildness of Stories

I really do agree with the monster. Stories are like wild creatures, they can make you think and imagine a world that is different then the one you’re in. Books make you think and learn, and they make you have a different perspective on certain situations in the real world. Books transport you to a different time and place and it makes them more interesting. The monster says that books can wreak havoc, and I think that this may be true for some books, but with most books I personally don’t think that books really ‘wreak havoc’. I do believe that stories are like wild creatures in the sense that books can make a story come to life.


How to Judge a Book by its Cover

When i’m looking for a new good book to read I first go and check with my friends to see what books they like. Because I don’t read lots of books I usually end up switching books back and fourth before I choose the perfect book for me. I usually lean towards romantic/travel books. The cover doesn’t need to be super crazy or amazing, It just needs to be captivating. Most books that I read have very subtle covers, I like books that aren’t too crazy and have a moral or a lesson that are taught in them. So I usually just choose books that have calm covers.

What’s the deal with stories

I feel that people don’t just write for themselves, they write to influence others. That is truly inspiring. These writers give up a piece of themselves to the public and they really do change lives. I know personally that when on of my best friends had cancer a few years ago, she loved reading. I always wondered why she liked reading so much so I asked her why and she said something that I will never forget. She said, It makes me feel not sick for awhile. Good books change the world around you, they change not only perspective, but it takes you into a different world.

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The best book I ever read

One of the best books I’ve ever read has to be ‘Everything, Everything’ by Nicola Yoon. It’s about a girl named Maddy and how she lives day to day with severe combined immunodeficiency or SCID. SCID is a disease also known as bubble baby disease, you’re basically allergic to everything and stuck in a bubble. For Maddy all she wants to do is go to the ocean, and leave her ‘bubble’. In the book Maddy finds a boy named Olly and he makes her want to go outside even more. So she leaves the house and she gets sick. The rest of the book is about how she goes through trials and beats the odds. And that is the best book I’ve ever read.