The Power Of Words

I think that Max wants Liesel to know that her words are powerful. The tree in the story represents Liesel and her words, thoughts, and ideas. And that’s why it is constantly growing more and more. Words have more power than we think, and when we use them right they can change the mindset of tons of people. Like Hitler was voted into his position just by using the right words that the Germans want to hear. The story said that he didn’t even have to weapons, he just had to use his words, he just had to make people believe that his words were the right ones. And then you have Liesel who sees right through him.

You’ve Got a Friend In Rudy

In my personal opinion I love Rudy. I think that he really does have Liesel’s best interest at heart and really does want nothing but the best for her. Although he might have a crush on her he really does love her as a friend. And you can tell that he always does everything that he can to protect her. Rudy should really be appreciated more by Liesel because there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for him. Rudy really is selfless and he would do anything for Liesel. Everyone needs a friend like Rudy, and when you have one make sure that you appreciate them.

Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

Secret keeping is hard and it sometimes can make a person kind of crazy. I know when I was like 11 or 12 it was really hard for me to keep small secrets, but Liesel has to keep the biggest secret of them all, and it must be hard for her. And usually when you have a secret you have at least one person that you can talk about your feelings on the matter, but the only people who know is Liesel, Rosa, and Hans and I don’t think that they really want to talk about it either. I think that it will affect her later in life when she doesn’t have to keep the secret anymore. But they are breaking the law and you know that Liesel is feeling scared and pressured into doing something that can potentially put her only family in and take the guy that she is getting to know to a death camp.

Max Abandoned His Family

Walter Kugler told Maxs’ family that he could only save one, and Max abandoned his family to save himself. I think that it was right to save himself. He couldn’t save his family, so instead of watching his family suffer and suffering himself, he lets Walter save him. I think that he did the right thing. He couldn’t save his family and it’s not like if he could save his family he wouldn’t, if he had the option to save his family, he would. Max even says in the book that “it tortured him” to leave his family, because that’s really all he had, but he left his family because he had to make the choice.

On Stealing

In the Book Thief  Liesel is getting pretty good at stealing. One of the times that Liesel stole she was at a book burning. As we all know Liesel LOVES books. I think Liesel is stealing books to obviously read them. Her family doesn’t have tons of money so books weren’t priority but she can get books for free when she steals them. I don’t think that this is justified whatsoever, but how is she going to read if she doesn’t steal the books? Their have been a few consequences from her stealing like when she stole the second book and the mayors wife saw her. It was a really close call and Liesel was very lucky that she didn’t tell anyone because she could’ve been in a ton of trouble.

Are Books Dangerous

In The Book Thief, the Nazi party had a book burning to celebrate Hitler’s birthday. They bring all of their books that didn’t comply with the Nazi party or with Hitler’s actions. I think that they make all the people bring these books to the book burning because they don’t want them turning against them or to see what they are doing to these innocent people. I think that books in these types of cases can be dangerous for certain people, like Hitler at the time could probably lose power because his people were reading the truth about what he was doing.

The Book Thief So Far

Quite honestly I really enjoy this book so far. It was a little hard to get through in the beginning but, I really enjoy all the descriptive words that captivate you and make you want to read more. Sometimes the words that are in German are really hard to pronounce and I honestly could take like 20 minutes trying to pronounce those words, but I really like how the author put those German words in to really take this book to the next level and I feel like it makes me understand the character more. I think that this book is really good so far and I can’t wait to read more


What Would It Be Like

If I had to be a foster child, I would be feeling so many emotions. Liesel was also supposed to have her brother so that transition would’ve been easier because she would’ve had someone there. Liesel has lost so much, and at such an early age is really sad, but she’s really lucky that she was put with such an amazing foster family. But this must’ve been a really traumatic experience for her, she saw her dead brother, buried him and then her mom left her with a strange family whom she had never met before. Liesel took the whole transition so well and started bonding with her new family. That change would’ve been hard for me, and I probably wouldn’t have taken it as well as Liesel.

What I Look For In A Good Character

I personally look for a lot of qualities in a character before I can determine if like them. When a character is well developed, I find that I can relate to them more. I sometimes get really emotionally attached to a character, and feel like i’m walking in there shoes and am apart of the story. When I don’t feel a connection to a character or the character is just boring I don’t see the point in finishing the book. I like books where I can really get into it and really relate to what they are saying, sometimes that’s not the case and the book isn’t really worth reading.

Stories Don’t Always Have Happy Endings

This topic is really important. Most TV shows, books, and movies show that everything has a happy ending, but not every story has a happy ending. In the book we are reading, A Monster Calls, Conor’s mum isn’t doing well and her treatments aren’t working how they wanted them to. So Conor’s dad says “Son,” his father said, leaning forward. “Stories don’t always have happy endings.” I think that Conor’s dad is preparing him for the worst outcome, although there is a chance for Conor’s mum to survive, the chance is slim to none. And he needs to make sure he’s making every day with his mum last.

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