Tell Me About It

So today after school I have a singing audition for, Into The Woods jr. I am terrified. I have rehearsed and practiced in front of an audience but still I’m scared. I’m going to sing the beginning of when will my life begin from Tangled. I know my part well but it’s still terrifying. Not only will I be in front of my drama teacher, but my choir teacher will be there as well. It’s just, AHHHHHH. I get really scared on stage when I’m the focus so auditioning is really hard for me. I know it’s a part of preforming but…I don’t like it.

What I’m Reading?

I’m currently reading, Micheal Vey 7 (The final spark). I choose it because it’s the last book in the Micheal Vey series and it doesn’t make sense to give up and not read the last book. It’s really good so far, I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I have been slightly confused at some parts just because it jumps around every now and again. I really can’t say what it’s about because it ties into the ending of the 6th book and that would be rude. What I can say is that it follows the same kind of pattern (so far), mostly calm in the first half and then tension and suspense in the last half. I wouldn’t recommend it as a stand alone book because you’d be so confused without reading the other 6 books. But I would recommend the entire series. I think if you’re into suspense and magic type books this will be an enjoyable read.

Who Am I as a Reader?

Over these 6 hours of reading I’ve finished a book and gotten into another one.  It’s fun seeing a story unfold in your mind and experience it as if you were there. I’ve never thought of myself as a bad reader, I’m just slow. I take my time rereading and analyzing to make sure that I understand everything that’s going on. I do this so I  can better visualize the station and characters. I don’t like reading for more than half an hour because I get distracted way too easily. My mind likes to wonder and my brain notices everything happening around me. It’s one of the reasons I don’t read a lot. In other classes when we have time to read I never can because the conversations of kids or the movement pulls me out of the book. I hope in the future I’ll be able to fix this problem to I can read more.

How I Did During First Term.

Over the course of first term I managed to get an A as my final grade. Although I can get easily distracted and I can miss instructions but I always try to do my best none the less. I also can’t read super fast, I didn’t even finish a single book over the course of first term. I would like to shoot for an A grade again in not just this class but in all my classes. For myself I would like to be able to read faster and I want to read at least 6 or 7 book throughout this school year.

The Power of Words

Words are how authors convey emotions, setting, characters, and pretty much everything else. The way something is written has the ability to make you cry or just think that it was boring. Let’s say I wrote something that was supposed to be super emotional and important but I used poor wording. All the the feeling I would of been trying to convey wouldn’t get across. Now let’s say I went and re wrote it but I greatly improved my word choice. Then you would really be able to understand how the character is feeling and the tone of the story.

What Kind of a Writer Am I?

I feel like I am more of a fictional writer. If I get a good idea that I can work with then I can run with that and go for it. When it comes to informational I need to have a plan for the writing. If I go in it blind or with a general idea it normally doesn’t end up amazing. When I do have a plan then It goes more smoothly, but I have the tenancy to ramble and that can transfer into my writing. When it comes to fictional writing I love creating characters and putting them in some kind of horrible situation where all of the odds are against them. I feel like I should improve on being able to write informative without rambling or needing to plan everything our prior. Also I want to be able to improve story telling with fictional writing.

How I Felt About the First Story

The story was interesting. It was about a nursery with lions, I wasn’t exactly sure what to take away from it. The ending confused me but I’m not going to say why. I did enjoy trying to read between the lines and picking up on symbolism that the author was trying to show. I liked how the father wanted to turn the house off and the children where acting like he was trying to kill their pet. It made me think “would we really be that dependent on technology that It would feel like that if someone tried to turn it off”.

What I Look For in a Good Character

I want a character who’s motives I agree with and who I relate to. The book I’m reading currently, Micheal Vey, Is a good example of this. Micheal is electric but he isn’t suddenly amazing at what he does. He has a learning curve in each of the books where he has to learn a new skill in order to succeed. He also doubts himself and his abilities. He act like we might in these situations, I love it. What I really what in a character are these things, they can’t be perfect, they need to be relatable, and they need to feel real.

Why Do We Read Stories

Stories can teach you so much about the world and how to act. When you read or are read to you get a chance to imagine yourself as the character and you learn what they learn. An example from a fairy tale is little red riding hood. She talks to the wolf and tell them where she’s going and consequently almost gets her and her grandma killed. What young children take away from this is to be cautious around strangers and people who give off bad vibes. On the flip side other stories like the ugly duckling help you learn to understand other people and not have a judgmental attitude towards people you don’t know. Over all stories are important for our own mental growth.

The Best Book I Ever Read

The best book I ever read was House of Secrets number 1. This was one of the first books I picked up on my own and read. It’s about these 3 kids Cordelia, the oldest, Brendan, the middle, and Eleanor, the youngest. In the story the kids move into this old house with their parents and they’re not too happy about it. When a mysterious women shows up and ruins everything the kids find them selves in a strange world that they need to escape from. What made this book so memorable to me was it was the first time I ever had such strong emotions towards a book. I really felt the characters troubles and I even broke down sobbing during one of the chapters. It’s such an interesting story with some interesting twists and turns along the way.