Blind Spots

People can have wrong ideas but they notice it and do their best to not act upon it. A person can have blind spots, and its okay because we all do, but we all have to do our best to see these things are prevent things from getting worse than they all ready are. I […]

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Real Courage

Atticus is a very strong and smart man, he always does his best to show others courage, and how he is able to use it just about every day. My definition of courage is being able to stay strong and show light even in the darkest of times, even if the odds are against you, […]

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Atticus has shown to be a strong and courageous figure throughout the book. Even though there are times where things may not be the best for him or his kids, he does his best to make sure that things don’t get worse than they already are. When he can he teaches his kids very important […]

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Beliefs and Actions

I think the idea about belief windows is a really good idea because it describes how all of us see things differently even though things may seem the same. The idea mainly is about how we all see things and think of them, and how we feelĀ  about certain things, because of how we describe […]

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1% Gain.

I think that I do pretty good with a lot of things, but I do think that there is always room for improvement. I think that my 1% gain would be for how I organize a lot of my things and how I look at things from a certain perspective. I think that I could […]

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Literature Review.

The story that I read was called Brotherhood. It is about two brothers, their names are Mark and Joey, and they no longer live in their old home city, but one day each of them gets a call from their mom. Their mom had called them to tell them that their dad is dead, but […]

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Tell me about it.

I really haven’t had a lot going on this week, but later on today I have to go look for some new glasses. It isn’t the most fun thing to do but I would rather spend 2 hours looking for one thing than going blind for the rest of the year. And later on today […]

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What I’m reading.

I am currently reading Sanctum by Madeleine Roux, it is the sequel of the book Asylum. The first book was about how a college was having a prep program over the summer and all of the students that are attending it are staying in a old abandoned asylum. Three kids meet each other and they […]

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