Okay, so we all know that Liesel is a thief, I mean, she stole two books, apples, potatoes, and a hole lot of stuff from Otto. She is not the best at stealing, but i think she is gradually getting better at it. Now with stealing there are some consequences, not just bad ones, but good ones too. And yes, consequences can be good I promise. Some of these good ones are that Liesel learned to read! She also is eating more food which is good, she got to see the mayors library, and she grew in the eyes of the gang they joined. Not to say there weren’t bad consequences too, She threw up the apples, she had some intense paranoia, she got caught by a farmer, she burnt her chest, and Hans learned he was raising a thief. I think that Liesel is going to get in a lot more trouble soon, or she might get Rudy in trouble, either way it probably wont end well.