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Word Nerd 1.7

Source: Never Fall Down, Patrica McCormick, page 31

Context: “‘Everything belong to Angka now,’ he says.”

Their words: Angka; the ruling body of the Khmer Rouge

My words: The leaders or people in charge of the Khmer Rouge


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  1. Is the book good and would you recommend reading it?

    • Brooke

      September 12, 2019 at 4:05 pm

      Its a pretty good book, I definitely recommend it. It is based off a true story so some parts get into a lot of detail with like starvation and illness and death though.

  2. What a weird word. Sounds like an interesting book, maybe I’ll read it sometime. That sure is a nice picture you chose to go along with it. Angka sounds kinda scary.

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