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Deep thinker 1.6

Source: Never fall down, Patricia McCormick, pg 61

Quote: “When he wake up, he think of his own children and wonder if maybe its better to die. “To live with nothing in your stomach and a gun in your face,” he says “is that living or is it dying a little bit every day?””

Context: At this point in the book Arn (the main character) is on a rice farm with other kids his age, he went to visit the music teacher Mek and when he woke up that is what Mek said.

This makes me think: This makes me think about how fragile we are as humans, it makes me think about how little it takes for us to die, and not always dying physically but we can die mentally, our spirits are broken and there isn’t even a point to us living we just merely exist. We survive but we don’t live. This makes me think about how far we would go to survive, i mean if I were starving and had no family and I was always being threatened, I don’t think I would want to survive anymore, and I don’t think anyone would. There’s only so much you can do with a broken heart, a broken spirit, and broken mind.



Word Nerd 1.7

Source: Never Fall Down, Patrica McCormick, page 31

Context: “‘Everything belong to Angka now,’ he says.”

Their words: Angka; the ruling body of the Khmer Rouge

My words: The leaders or people in charge of the Khmer Rouge


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What I Look For In A Good Book

When I go to get a new book I typically look for something with a strong title, when I find a book with a title that is intriguing I read the back of it. I look for books that have an adventure or a romance or a mystery, I look for books that are realistic but also not 100% happening in my life. I look for a book that I think I can use to escape. Now when I find a book like this I start to read the first few pages and if it is a page turner or I genuinely like It i buy the book. Now buying an appealing book doesn’t mean the book is good, so what are some things that make a good book? I think the most important thing to having a good book is character development, this not only means like that character is well developed as a person (or something else) at the beginning, but also how they change throughout the plot and the story. Good books keep he reader interested through the entire book even the slow parts, good books give lots of details but don’t spend to much time describing an event or object. When I was younger my mom always told me “A good book is a book that makes you feel something, It can be happiness or sadness or anger, but once you feel something that’s how you know it a good book.” and i think that is probably the best description of a good book that I’ve heard to this day.

You’re welcome…

Deep thinker 1.5

Source: Time you let me in Naomi Shihab, pg 96

Quote: “I say so what if I cry, if my cream Pillowcase is mascara-stained, if my Kleenex box is one tissue from being empty? What does it matter that water squeezes out of the corners of my eyes like toothpaste from the bottom of a tube? You say your main goal is to make me laugh as much as I cry, to even it all out, and I think I like the way that rolls off of your tounge, your teeth, like the tears that drip off the end of my nose into my morning cereal bowl, with elbows like the curves of macaroni, and now I am boiling in hot water, softening.”

Context: This point of the book is Lauren stacks telling us about a boy (oooh  a love storyyyyy).

This makes me think: When I first read this poem it made me think about one of my best friends who always told be that his goal in life was to make me laugh more than I cried, he always did stupid things to make me laugh or at least smile. One of the things that he did most often was he would make these duck noises or do impressions of Pokemon, he did them so much that people started calling him duckie boy. So yeah theres my quick stroll on memory lane. This poem also made me think about how everyone gets sad, some people are sad sometimes other people are sad all the time, but no matter what we all have someone there who is ready to try and cheer us up. We all have someone who cares about us and who wants us to be happy.


Word nerd 1.6

Source: Time you let me in, Naomi Shihab, pg 57

Context: “The bus driver had given up looking for answers in the engine and is smoking a cigarette, talking rapid Cantonese into his cell phone.”

Their words: a form of Chinese spoken by over 54 million people, mainly in southeastern China

My words: A version of the Chinese  language


The Best Book I Ever Read

There are quite a few of books that I feel like have changed me, and that I think of as some of the best books, there are mainly three that are significant to me so Im going to talk about all three cause why not. The first book that I feel like is one of the best is Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven. This book follows Americas fattest teen Libby Strout in her adventure in going into high school, it also follows Jack Masselin who has  Prosopagnosia and his life in high school.  It is a romance realistic fiction book and it had a lot of nice relate able helpful parts. It got me through a rough patch and iI enjoy rereading it all the time. I recommend it to anyone who feels alone or who enjoys reading romantic stuff. Another book that is one of the best is Looking for Alaska by John green its realistic fiction and mystery and i guess it could be romance but not really. This book follows three boys and a girl through a school year. Something happens to Alaska young, (the girl) and the boys try to figure it all out. This book was fun to read and kept me interested through the whole book, it was very down to earth and real and I would suggest it to everyone who is interested in slight mystery and into drama cause thats something this book had a lot of. The last book I would say is one of the best is The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo. This book is entirely written in poems but it still tells the story of fifteen year old  Xiomara, This book has a little bit of every genre in it and it was really fun and interesting, as it told events that I personally relate to, I would suggest this book to anyone  who shows the slightest interest in poetry cause the poems are just beautiful.



Deep thinker 1.4

Source: Time You Let Me In, Naomi Shihab, page 48-49

Quote: “In this house of cigarette ash,

where someone is always muttering

a goddamn, jutting elbows into the air

like helicopter blades, fighting knuckle

and tooth just to be heard, we are all at it again.


Huddled under the night sky like horses, breathing heat

from our nostrils,eyeing the light

underneath the barn door. When someone smashes

through glass or gallops towards

whiskey water, even the dog takes cover.

My sister saunters into her bedroom

salt-lipped and silent, our father pacing

the dark trance of hallways,

then drunk-banging car doors, gunning towards

the fluorescent lights of gas stations and convenience stores,

and I am lonely as a hotel room. When the first

bowl is hurled across the dining room table,

the first face slapped, arm grazed, fists

against flesh, our mother is smoking

a slim cigarette outside with wind chimes

and stay cats, as they walk crooked


into the moon light. Nothing is effortless,

even our dreams filled with carnage

and when I get the phone call from Dad,

dying again, this time of gangrene,

his leg okra colored and rotten from the hip bone down,

everyone else is just relieved

not to have answered the phone.

Context: This is one of Catherine Bates poems, it is her telling about her family

This makes me think: This makes me think about How every family is different, we are all dysfunctional in our own ways, everyone has issues or family problems. We are all human and make mistakes, but family is always there, you might loose contact or fall out of touch but they are always there to support you and all that.

Word Nerd 1.5

Source: Time You Let Me In, Naomi Shihab, pg 48

Context: “My sister saunters into her bedroom salt-lipped and silent”

Their words: walk in a slow, relaxed manner, without hurry or effort.

My words: A slow long walk without anxiety or a place to be quickly


Word Nerd 1.4

Source: Time You Let Me In, Naomi Shihab, pg 47

Context: “His mind coming apart like a dandelion, like the kitchen appliances he has dismantled because of a soothsayer, because when he burns that cocaine down into something harder, there are eleven angels.”

Their words: a person supposed to be able to foresee the future.

My words: A person who speaks the truth and knows valuable thing, like a seer or something

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