Book Review #2.1

What I Read: Pet Sematary by Stephen King, this genre is horror fiction, it has 542, I give it a rating of five out of five.

How It Starts: The man character is family man and doctor, Louis Creed. He wants to live a happy life with his family in their new house. The setting is a more rural neighborhood in Maine.

How It Gets Complicated: In the book Louis and his family faced with there daughter learning the finality of death and his wife refusing to face the truth of death. All the while this is happening they are being slowly surrounded by death and Louis having to make drastic decisions meant to try keep the peace.

What I Liked: I liked the book because it showed some of the nature of man. How we try to escape the thought of our lives truely ending when we die by making many different versions of an afterlife. Or how we wish for something or are willing to do something terrible to end the pain. It also shows how we can avoid something based entirely on a bad experience or fear. The author made a good choice in not watering down, in how he told all the gruesome truth of it all in terrifing detail. What made the book enjoyable is that you fell in love with small family and it was easy to fall in love many of the other characters. It was also brilliantly worded and used a very wide vocabulary.

What I Disliked: I somewhat disliked how the wife was somewhat played as a bad guy.

Recommendation: I would recommend this books to more adult readers that are phased by dark topics and detailed descriptions of gory scenes. Readers that enjoy blatant honest about death and mans nature would enjoy this book.

Deep Thinker #2.8

Source: Pet Sematary, by Stephen King on page 264.

Quote: “Louis Creed was no psychiatrist, but he knew that there are rusty, half-buried things in the terrian of any life and that human beings seem compelled to go back to these things and pull at them, even though they cut.”

Context: Louis and his family are living were living happily and a terrible thing happened to someone close to them. His daughter has matured a little and his wife is opening something up to him.

This Makes Me Think: I choose this passage because it talks about a thing that happens to people in real life. It showcases that moment, when you suddenly think about a bad experience you have had in life and then you just cringe into yourself. I feel so happy about this, because it just shows something that I do a lot, and now I know that I am not the only one that does it.

Deep Thinker #2.7

Source: Pet Sematary, by Stephen King on page 254.

Quote: “He had agreed with his Psychology 1 teacher that the life-after-death experiences reported in scholarly journals and then vulgarized in the popular press indicated a last ditch mental stand against the onrush of death-the endlessly inventive human mind, staving off insanity to the very end by constructing a hallucination of immorality.

Context: Louis and his family have been living in their new house for a while and have had  some very important and intense talks with his wife and daughter.

This Makes Me Think: I choose this passage because it is a great representation of how mankind is so scared of the thought of death being the final end of things. Mankind is so scared of the end that they have come up with multiple ideas of how that we go on to continue with doing something, just so that they don’t have to face the finality of death. This made me think that human kind is somewhat, becoming delusional.

Say What #2.15- fey

Source: Pet Sematary, by Stephen King on page 235.

Context: “Fey even”

In Their Words: adjective
British Dialect. doomed; fates to die.        Chiefly Scot. appearing to be under a spell; marked by an apprehension of death, calamity, or evil.
supernatural; unreal; enchanted:
elves, fairies, and other fey creatures.

In My Words: seeming to be under a spell or enchanted.

In Pictures: 

Deep Thinker #2.6

Source: Per Sematary, by Stephen King on page 223.

Quote: “Getting to the infirmary and ducking into the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror, convinced that he must look like hell. But he had looked pretty much all right. It was enough to make you wonder how many people were going around with dreadful secrets bottled up inside.”

Context: Louis has undergone some terrible events and is reflecting over them.

This Makes Me Think: I choose this passage because it gave an example of how you never know what’s going on in somone else’s mind. This passage made me think that looks are an easily used way to deceive someone. You could look like you are Beyoncé on the outside and on the inside you could thinking ‘what if bananas had hair’. You never know what is going on with them unless they are blatantly honest with you. I like this passage because it gives a reminder they what you see on the outside is doesn’t always match up with the outside.

Deep Thinker #2.5

Source: Pet Sematary, by Stephen King on page 209.

Quote: “Maybe she’ll learn something about what death really is, which is where the pain stops and the good memories begin. Not the end of life but the end of pain.”

Context: Louis and his family have settled down comfortably in there new house and Louis and Jud, his neighbor, are having a talk.

This Makes Me Think: I choose this passage because it makes me think about how when we die it’s not like we are doomed to a boring fate. When we die the pain we feel leaves and we finally feel at peace. Also, we just continue on a new journey, a little different from the last. As they say, the end of one journey is the beginning of another. This makes me feel hopeful that I won’t just die and be gone, and everything I was gone and eventually forgotten.

Deep Thinker #2.4

Source: Pet Sematary, by Stephen King on page 164.

Quote: “He asked himself the old question-is there anything intelligent out there?-and instead of wonder, the thought brought a horrid cold feeling, as if he had asked himself what it might be like to eat a handful of squirming bugs.”

Context: Louis and family haves been living in there new house for a while and he goes to a deeper part of the pet sematary.

This Makes Me Think: I choose this passage because it shows one of the many parts of the truth if other worldly intelligent life really exists. We have no guarantee that they have good intentions if we ever meet them. This makes me feel scared, if there is other intelligent life and they don’t mean well for us, then what could happen to my family or friends. Every one I care about could be hurt if we find unkind intelligent life or worse, they find us.

Deep Thinker #2.3

Source: Pet Sematary, by Stephen King on page 52.

Quote: “Death was a vague idea; the Pet Sematary was real.”

Context: Louis and his family have moved in and visited the Pet Sematary.

This Makes Me Think: I choose this passage because it gave me a deeper insight on the topic of death. When we are learning about the world we are introduced to the topic of death and learn a brief discription of it. Death becomes a thing that we know of, but don’t have a complete grasp on the finality of it. Until we come face to face with it, whether it is being in a cemetery or losing a loved one. This passage gave me a reminder of how stealthily death finds a way to worm its way into our lives and how much it affects us when we don’t have the true idea of it. I liked this passage because it shows society’s somewhat twisted view of death.