Say What? #2.1 copse

Source: Pet Sematary, by Stephen King on page 20.

Context: “That wide mown patch winding up through the copse of trees and over the hill.”

In Their Words:


a thicket of small trees or bushes; a small wood.
In My Words: A group of bushed and/or trees.
In pictures:

Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secrets Secrets Hurt Someone

The affect of keeping all the secrets is making life more stressful, worrying about whether or not someone is going to find out. Although not telling the complete truth is bad I think keeping all those secrets is okay, some of them are being kept for a good reason. Also everyone has a secret or two and keeping a couple holds no harm, as long as the secret isn’t discovered. Even though I think that keeping all these secrets is okay the affect it will have on Liesel will be very negative. Liesel could be weighed down by the guilt of keeping the secrets and feel that she can’t talk to anyone because she might give away the secrets and that could lead to a lonesome, unhappy future.

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My Favorite Book

I do not have a favorite book, but I would recommend “Book of a Thousand Days”. I enjoyed this book because it showed how the main character developed into a strong person, but they didn’t instantly develop from zero to hero. They had to work through many trials to become the strong character they are now. Some are of my favorite things about this book was that it showed that life is tough, but that you need to work through your trials to become stronger. I also liked how the main character knew that she couldn’t wait for anyone to save her and that she needed to do it herself. I didn’t like that in the book she did everything she did just to get her friend a man and how that the main characters companion didn’t do anything and just freaked out the entire time. I would recommend this book to people that like book about strong female characters and self improvement. I think that people that would like this book would also like the “Dragon Slippers” series.

The book is called “Book of a Thousand Days” by Shannon Hale, it is in the fiction and fantasy genre and it has 306 pages.


A Lack of Imagination

I think that the quote, “The trouble with him was that he was without imagination. He was quick and alert in the things of life, but only in the things, and not in the significances”, from the story “To Build a Fire” means that he is only looking on the outer layer of things for what they do and not looking at the inside for why somethings does what it does. The reason this is a problem for the man is that he could be using something just because of what it does and not seeing that whatever his he was using it for wasn’t the best way he could be using it. Imagination today is when someone thinks out side of the box to get what they want and not just doing the same thing as everyone else. I think that this applies to a junior high student in how we do are projects. Junior high students should try to go above and beyond to try and be different from any other project (still doing what the assignment asks and following the requirement) so that it is shown that we tried hard to do the best possible thing. I can apply that to myself by trying harder and not just doing the bear minimum.

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Book Review #1

What I Read: Stranger In A Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein, it’s a science fiction novel, it has 438 pages. I give it a rating of 4/5. 

How It Starts: The main character is Valentine Michael Smith. He doesn’t want anything in the being, he just there and content with being there. It’s more of other people wanting him to have his rights and live more normally. The setting of the beginning of the book is in a hospital.

How It Gets Complicated: At first the government stands in the way of him completely getting his rights (not really his life, he is pretty content with his life, but he doesn’t have a great understanding of what is going on) and wanting to get his claim to Mars and his money. Later in the book his way of life is threatens when he starts being bombarded with people trying to get him to endorse them and/or their organization.

What I Liked: I really enjoyed that the story of the book kept on track and never strayed to far off from the main subject, but even though the story stayed in track it never got boring, something new happened when things started to get a little stale. In my opinion, the author did really well in presenting the characters. He  almost never made them seem overly great or powerful, each character was equally balanced. I also thought that it was really cool how that when he would switch character perspectives that it was easy to tell who was talking based on the way they acted. What made the book enjoyable was that you got to see your society through the eyes of someone who has never seen it before and it is interesting to see how they see things that are normal to us as weird. The book was very entertaining with the witty banter between characters.

What I Disliked: It was hard to follow some of the political talk during the book and there was a little bit of a line between the genders. Men take more prominemce and seem more important while most of the women are more background or supporting characters.

Recommendations: I would recommend this book to people who are interested in aliens or different views on life. I think that people that are interested in science fiction and do not mind some inappropriate scenes and language would like this book.

Say What? #13- catenative

Source: Stranger In A Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein on page 173.

Context: “In catenative assemblage, they are my brothers.”

In Their Words:

any verb that is capable of linking with a following dependent verb

Examples of catenatives are “go (shopping)” and “start (walking).”

In My Words: A word that connects two things with another verb.

In Pictures: 

Deep Thinker #8

Source: Stranger In A Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein on page 168.

Quote: “And we are ready to to negotiate. But I use ‘negotiate’ in its original sense, not in this new-fangled meaning of ‘appeasement.’ ”

Context: Jubal has gotten through to Secratary Douglas and is trying to establish a meeting to discuss about Mike.

This Makes Me Think: I choose this quote because I found it interesting that the man who said this knew what he wanted and knew the way to phrase his words to get it, and this is one of the phrases he uses to get what he wants. I thought that it was so interesting that a word that was meant to makes thing ‘fair’ has transformed into something meant to not solve anything and just make each other happy. I got the insight the life wasn’t based on fairness and more on making everyone ‘happy’. I like this passage because it showed that life isn’t hopeless and there are ways to make things ‘fair’ and not just to appease.

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