The poem “Harlem” is about dreams that aren’t achieved.  It is about how the black people couldn’t achieve some of their dreams because the white people took away their opportunities or chances.  It is really sad.  What does happen to dreams that never happen?  Well the poem asks this too.  It says they may dry up, ooze like wounds, smell like rotten meat, or become crusty.  They might sag like a very heavy load or they might even explode.  Normally people don’t think about what happens to dreams that aren’t achieved.  We focus on the ones that are.  When you take a look at when they aren’t, its almost kind of scary.  If you look back on your life to a dream you had and you wanted more than anything, if that dream wasn’t achieved, it might have crushed you.  Mentally if our dreams don’t come true, we start to give up.  The black people in the 1930s didn’t really have many chances to achieve their dreams.  Their dreams always got shot down by the white people.  They must have always felt in despair because most of their dreams didn’t come true.  The white people instead of doing what they did should have helped them get their dreams.  It is the least they could have done.

(I still can’t get any new pictures in so I have to use old ones that don’t have as much to do with the post, sorry)

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