I think we should keep Shakespeare, like duh. Why would anyone want to get rid of one of the greatest writers in English? Students should be exposed to this literature, they should feel challenged because it is challenging. Even though students come from different ethnicity’s students should stay in this bubble that their teachers have put into their heads.

Students can even get skills from Shakespeare, like problems solving skills. He writes about problems in his time and gives simple, or crazy, solutions to those problems. I feel like Shakespeare is such and O.G. that even the littlest problems could really help some students.

And maybe he is an old dead guy with some really hard to understand language, but sometimes kids need a little push out of their comfort zone to be who they really need to be. Like my group said, beneficial discomfort is a good thing, it has actually been proven healthy as long as it is the beneficial kind.

Everything I know/think I know about Shakespeare

Well, I know his first name is William, and I know his last name is Shakespeare. I know that he was an English playwright, I know he wrote comedies and historic plays first, his earliest plays were considered his best work, at least by most people. He also wrote tragicomedies (romances) like one of his most famous, Romeo and Juliet. I know that when he was writing that he was an actor, I think.

I feel like being in honors it is easier to understand his writing, because I have read some of his writing, but it was NOT easy to read. And I feel like we are probably going to be reading more Shakespeare plays in 10th, 11th and 12th grade. And I feel like understanding his writing before we start 10th grade could be extremely beneficial for everyone, even if it is “boring” as some people would say. 

Self Assessment

What value can you receive from self assessing your own work?

I feel like when you self assess yourself you are able to accept your mistakes better. Even though so many people say that it is good to make mistakes some people, including myself, cannot stand making mistakes. I feel like when you self assess you understand that not only are there only small mistakes but they are almost always not as bad as you think.

Also, self assessing can lead to problem solving, cause girl, I know a few people that just don’t know how to problem solve if it could save their life. Take it this way, let’s say you had a problem at work, you just ask or tell people, “Bro I don’t know what I am doing.” that gets old really fast, but if you can tell people exactly what the problem is, what led up to it, and how you think you can fix it, that is really nice for the person that has to deal with you.

How I Will Dominate Term 4

Well this year I have been keeping my grades up pretty well I feel…, so that’s kind of good. The thing is that I really stopped doing my work until last minute, so I really want to change that personally, because I am usually a good student but occasionally I can get that whole, “I will do it later,” kind of vibe happening. What I am trying to say is that I am a procrastinator, I always have been, hopefully won’t always will be. So my main goal is to quit procrastinating, just get my work done because it is the same amount of work now as it is later. The other goal I have is probably try harder, I have been slacking, I don’t really know why I just have. For example, I was doing some type of assignment and I just turned it in without it even being finished. “Oh I didn’t have time.” No man I did, I really did I just wanted my grade up. I just want to quit living that slacking life because that is NOT who I am.

Good Stuff from TKAM

In chapter 22 Ms. Maudie said something that I feel like changed peoples lives, “We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step” (246). Why do I think this changed peoples lives? Well I have heard so many, so so many, quotes that are a twist on this one, for example, “Baby steps still move you forward.”, “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction can be the biggest step to change your life.”, “To climb a steep hill you need to start with baby steps, the same goes with life.”, etc. I am 99.9% sure this changed peoples lives, because of the way people reacted to it. Now people are changing their lives from bad to good because of quotes like these! That’s kind of amazing I think! How a book can change peoples lives, it can change them! That is why I picked this quote because it literally did change peoples lives, and I know this book has the potential to change so many more. :))

An Authority on Courage and Integrity

I had a problem, my integrity was being questioned and I didn’t know what to do, I went to someone I knew I could trust, my grandma. She said a few things which I thought I could share with you.

“Lani, you know what, I feel like we all need to face hardships to grow to be better and stronger. I know that’s cliche, I get it, but hun if you already knew that what is the problem.”

“Well you see…,” I went on about my problem I rambled for 30 minutes.

“Imagine that I was dead right now, you would be on the streets, imagine yourself scouring for food. Just think things could always be worse.”

“I know.” I said.

“I too had to face a few things that I didn’t think I could make it through, 2006 for example, I was driving home from the doctors because I had been having pain, Papi drove me and him and I were both quiet, we both heard news we didn’t want  hear, we just couldn’t believe it. I had stage 4 breast cancer. We made it home to a messy house and 5 people, you were 2 at the time. I didn’t think I would live so I set my will up and I got everything set up for you so you could have a beautiful life. Obviously I didn’t die, because I had the strength to say, ‘You know what, I can do this.’ and I did.”

Blind Spots

I think that anyone can be a good person with blind spots, but some people may have blind spots then others. I think that Atticus is 65% correct, because some people are not real good people. If Atticus wasn’t there what would of happened? What if the kids weren’t there? I think Mr. Cunningham would of actually killed Atticus and he may of killed Tom Robinson. I kind of agree because at this time it was okay, especially towards a black man or woman. I feel like since the kids were there kind of  shows how those men still had good in them no matter the anger the contained. So basically if those men would of hurt anyone then yeah, I would totally be against Atticus calling them “good men with blind spots,” because a good man wouldn’t of done anything to hurt anyone. So I see where Atticus is coming from because those men could see the bad they wee doing and they corrected themselves before it was too late.


I think it is sad that Atticus has no hope to win this case but he said he couldn’t let Tom Robinson go into a guilty plea, he said he couldn’t live with himself if he wouldn’t of taken this case. It does definitely shows his persistence and his belief window, it also shows the words on his belief window. Integrity, Persistence, Kindness, Strength, etc. And even though this case is probably really hard for him to take, he knows that it is the right thing to do, and I think no matter what he would of taken this case anyways. It isn’t all about the case though, he wants his family to live the same way, to be able to face hardships with your chin up. And I think people reading this book can even learn a few things, and add a few things to their belief windows. That is why I think Atticus is such a monumental character in this book, because the author made sure that the reader can grow as they read the book.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

I think Atticus was trying to teach Scout how to understand people and not be so quick to judge. I think that is a very important lesson for a young child just starting school. It is like this quote, “You won’t understand a person until you walk a mile in their shoes.” I feel like Atticus would be the only one that would teach this lesson to her well, because he is a lawyer, and lawyers, to me, have to do this for their job. They have think of what the person would do, where they are living, how they are living. They do that all the time, so for a young child to learn such a real lesson, it just will change her life for the good. I remember when my parents taught me something like this, except it was the quote that I had used previously. See this is a day to day thing for me, I do it without thinking now, and I like doing it, understanding people, I think it is a fun thing to do. Personally though some kids have never been taught this idea, which I think may effect their personal growth to be able to interact with people, because this whole idea is on interaction with others and how you react and learn with others. Nothing more

Beliefs and Actions

I think that this topic is a very strong topic, it really states something that could be totally true. Here is an example from my opinion, think of a serial killer compared to a detective, 100% different right? Well let us go back in time to when both were children. The serial killers family life was hard, his mother died when he was 13, his father was a heavy drinker and beat him. He had shaped up beliefs that could definitely effect his whole being. But on the other hand the detective grew up with both of his parents, he had a nice family, got everything he needed when he needed it, he had good friends and a good school. As these two grew up they began changing themselves to fit their belief window. They both see a different reality, like the serial killers filter is red and gray, because he is filled with anger and frustration, but the detectives is blue and yellow, because he is filled with contentment and curiosity. That is such a strange thing because no two peoples filters are the same, which is crazy to think about right?