it would be hard to do something that hard just because it is the right thing to do. i think that it is always worth it to try and s=do something hard just because most of the time because you are helping people when no one else will. it depends on what you are willing to sacrafice for this peorson. becasuse if you are a worshiper of god then most would drop everything for them but not everyone. Atticus is willing to sacragfice everyting for this perosn he barley knows just becuase it is the right thig to doo.

Climb into another persons skin…

What this means is thaty you should always try to see things in other peoples ways or perspectives. yes 1000% illegal. this will help you become a better people person because you will see how others see things. i try to do this but it can sometimes be hard to do if you dont know the person very well. yes it is really that help full so because it will help you in life. the whole idea of this is hard to understand for some people but not for some.Image result for windows

Beliefs and Actions

The idea of this theory actually makes sense to me because i have heard it before and it is really not a crazy idea. It is important that we know what we believe so that we can know how and why we see the world the way that we do. Our beliefs are formed as we are growing up weather it is by our parents or bye of selfies but either way we will always have something that we believe in whither is is an actually thing or if we believe that we believe in nothing and that will create our belief window.