I think we should keep teaching it becuase lots of kids will enjoy learning about it even though they may not show it all the time. It can also help people learn how to read harder books and maybe even learn some new words that they didnt know before they learned about shakesphare. If we stop learning about shakesphere then would would even replace it because we would have to learn about something along the lines of what shakesphere talkes about.


what i know about Shakesphere

I dont know much about Shakesphere as in I dont know anything. I have been to a Shakesphere festival with my partents so i know that he wrote alot of plays that end in death of a main charictor. I expect this to be like reading and studying one of his plays and doing worksheets on it also. I think that i will learn how to understand phrases that we normally dont hear in our everyday lives.

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Self assesment

I feel like grading our own work can have a positive effect on how we look and asses ourselfs, It can also help us know what we need to work on to get a higher score. This could also have a positive effect on the teacher because they can then see how we see our work in our own eyes so that they can undrstand what we feel is quality work for us.  This can help us outside of school also to know if we are doing good at what ever job we have and know if we will get fired or not for not “A” work.