Love Moderately

To love moderarely means to not love them too much but not to not give them enough love. This could be good advice becuase whay they are doing is illegal so if they get too attached then some bad things may happen if they have to get seperated then it would be even harder. but if you dont show enough l0ve them your relashinship will fall apart at the seems and them you’ll be a sad and lonly man.


People have the ability to hate because hating someone is so much easier than loveing or liking someone so they just find something that they do not like about someone and decied to hate them.  The person i hate is not for a good reason at all but i do not care because he is a bragger and always hase to one up people and will always find a way to do it no matter what the circumstances are because thats who he is, so that makes people not want to hang around him at all.



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