1st Term things

Holy cow! 1st term is almost over, I’m curious to look back through my blog posts. Well anyway

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m back today to talk about the end of 1st term. And this term as a whole. (BTW This post is for school)

Lets begin!


My work in Mr. Green’s class has honestly struggled a little bit: I had missing assignments occasionally, and often I would leave things unfinished. But over all I think I did well, at least better than last year, sheesh Ms. Phippen’s class was hard!

I do believe that while sometimes I struggled or was uninspired, I gave this class my best effort and succeded as a whole, I believe that my greatest success has honestly been the reading I did in class, After maybe 4th grade I kind-of got out of reading as I had “Better things to do” but Mr. Green’s class and the reading we do has honestly gotten me back into the swing of things. I do however, believe my blog posts need work, not that they are bad, or too short, just that sometimes I rely on myself to get these done another day and I bet I can find a bunch that I never finished. However, I do believe that I have grown since august has hit and now I am ready to fly once more.

If I was to set an academic goal for 2nd term, it might either be that I need to put more effort into other classes or I need to finish things that I start. I would love to be a straight A student next term! I also believe that I still need to learn more about the kinds of books that I like so that I can find more books that I enjoy!

Technology: Friend or Foe

Hi, Mega here and while I may be dealing with some issues it is unimportant (Unless you are Ryan Dix, if Ryan Dix is reading this, he should understand what I mean. Hint:Not me, but Mega DTN 001)

anyway, now that I have gotten that weird thing out of the way, lets talk about today’s topic


is technology a friend or foe, neither, My belief is that it is simply a matter of what it is, cell phones:not a problem, global warming due to cars and other things like them (Such as a power generator): Not a problem (I will explain why later) Nukes: Definitely a problem.

you see the aim of a cell phone (and other things like It) Is to add convinience to our lives, and for every bad thing this stuff does, it does 2 more good things.


BTW, Global warming

Im about to get a lot of hate

I don’t believe global warming is a problem

Yes it is a thing

But not a problem

Every time a volcano erupts it emits more emissions than the entire human race does in 20 years, in a matter of seconds, so that 1 guy riding a bike everywhere to stop emissions does, in the big picture, nothing.

Not to mention electric cars, where do we get the electricity from, while water wheels, solar panels, and wind turbines are a good start, they make very little of the worlds electricity, most of it comes from a coal power plant, or a nuclear power plant, coal power plants pollute the atmosphere and just wait until a nuclear power plant goes critical and takes out a city in the process.

and while I’m getting severely judged for my political views, I would just like to say.

Trump is a fine presedent

and guns should not be banned, and if anyone disagree’s let me know in the comments and I will explain my point

which story did I read (just stuff for English class)

So in English class, we (Me and my classmates) were assigned to read a short story (Most, if not all, of them are about death and gruesome things), I ended up reading, “The Veldt” by, you guessed it, Ray Bradbury, yep, he is back and vulgar as ever. Now real quick I would like to address something, I am not a big fan of Ray Bradbury, and was not specifically yearning to read his works, but, only 2 of the options were not by him and they still kind of felt like him (as far as I’ve been told) and are still as vulgar too. So I read the one which seemed to be about the most interesting topic too me. Okay on to the class assigned questions.

The story is about, yep, the African veldt (Pronounced velt), hey by the way there may be some minor spoilers so if you don’t want to read those skip to the bold letters just ahead of this sentence. BTW if you didn’t wan’t to read spoilers and you keep reading the area’s with them, which I will make warning of before each section with them, I can’t take blame or responsibility for your actions and therefore can’t be criticized for leaving in spoilers, thank you for listening. the story is about a couple who has two kids and a nursery that reads minds, the point of this nursery is that it can read the mind of the user and show what they want it to show on the walls, and the parents (George and Lynda) are concerned about the violent things their kids are watching in the nursery.Okay the spoilers are over. Oh BTW its my B-Day. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I have (and haven’t been) reading.

HI I AM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

over extravagant intro, check!

Hi, yes I’m alive. (wow who knew.) So I have been asked to say what I have been reading. My answer: NOTHING







that isn’t exiting at least.

Yea I love my book, possibly one of the best books I’ve read.

My book is: “Adventurers Wanted #5: The Axe Of Sundering” by M.L. Forman

it is an amazing book and I love it, heck I think it’s the best book in the series since “Adventurers Wanted #1: Slathbog’s Gold” M.L. Forman.

BTW, If you like fantasy, mystery, and adventure like I do, CHECK OUT THIS SERIES. Adventurers Wanted is a 5 book series written by acclaimed author M.L. Forman. No this is not sponsored. (Warning: The series can get Happy, Funny, Sad, Serious, Action Packed, and even Mysterious) SPOILER WARNING! If you do not want spoilers on this series skip to the bolded spot ahead. The series can be sad, like when Alex (The main character) looses his trusty steed: Sharee.

Spoilers are now over. wooooooooooooooo. yes I would recommend this series.

Figurative language

I’ve got a story.

I was on my computer last year, just having some fun, and I was playing a game. It was a fun game, called, Tower Of Heaven. As I played my fan was whirring away like the hum of a hummingbird as it drinks from the feeder. When suddenly, the fan shrieked in agony, I looked at it confused when it caught fire, no I’m not being figurative, it was actually on fire, and suddenly the fire was put out. I was confused. So I went and told my parents what happened. My dad came in to see it and when he saw the charred computer, he was mad. My dad looked at me, mad as a bull looking at a red cape. He took a deep breath and said “Explain, NOW!!” so I explained. No offence to him but my dad kinda has a short fuse. But he took it well. We still need a new desktop. So I tend to use my glitch chromebook at home for everything now.

2095: What will the future be like, (There will come soft rains)

Today in English class we read a story called “August 2026: There will come soft rains.” Which is a writers story based on the poem “There will come soft rains”.

Now I have been told to do my own thing on this. Just letting you know, while mine might be sad, it is not as sad as the previous story and the previous poem. Enjoy!

Today is September 13, 2095. There are 3 houses standing right now. one in USA, one in UK, and one in China.  The house in china is cold, no-one can be seen, except some piles of ash, and some marks on the walls, the house echoes with scary silence, suddenly, BEEP BEEP, an alarm goes off, BEEP BEEP, TIME TO WAKE UP, but nobody did, there wasn’t anybody too wake up, the house glowed a bright radioactive green, and nuke pieces sat nearby, and suddenly, it was gone, the house had finally fell apart into a heap of dust, destroyed, and dead.

The house in USA stood, no-one can be seen.

I will finish this later

There will come soft rains

So what’s up, its one of these again.

We read a poem in class (wow mega, so original) called “There Will Come Soft Rains” By Sara Teasdale, and now I need to write my thoughts on it.

This poem started off simply by talking about nature (plum trees, robins, swallows, etc) and randomly gets dark at the end. Here is what it said

“… Robins will wear their feathery fire, whistling their whims on a low fence-wire;

And not one will know of the war, …”

Holy crap, that randomly got dark, anyway so the poem takes this dark turn for the rest of the poem, it talks about a war, and how if mankind stopped being here, no one else would know.

So lets bring up the context and then we will get into some questions

the poem was written in 1920, for context WW1 ended in 1918 and basically happened for no reason what-so-ever, you see the war started because the arch duke of Austria was assassinated, and all the countries were playing a game of ,He did it!, so they all started fighting like 2 year olds over a broken action figure (or doll) and it was a bunch of bloodshed for almost literally no reason.

So this poem is basically saying, go ahead, kill yourselves, the world will go on like mankind never even happened.

My Reading Journey

Yay, school stuff.

btw real quick, if you want my main blog Here: Megaman Megafan

So now I get to talk about my reading over the years, oh boy.

I started reading when I was about 3, I was young, it felt, Foreign? I don’t remember very well. I tend to find reading fun, but I don’t read as much anymore, Don’t get me wrong, I probably read as much or more than the next guy, but when I was little, I was a reading fanatic.  I would read so much that my eyes would get tired, or I would get a massive headache and didn’t even care. I don’t remember most of the books I hated, but I remember what I liked, I read the Wings of Fire Series, The Adventurers Wanted Series, And Spirit Animals and loved them. As the time went by I started to run out of books that I like, due to being a picky reader, but I recently got into the Immortal Secrets of Nicolas Flamel, and Michael Vey.



Hi! It’s me Cody (or Mega)

Hello! I’m back for round 2! Raise your hand if you are exited to see me.


Well I guess not, but HEY!!!!! anyway I should be typing a blog, not just sitting here typing exited crap.

I should introduce myself, because somehow, I doubt anyone will know me.

I’m Cody Adams, I do a lot of things, but I’m sure you don’t care. So I’m going to tell you anyway, I (Kinda) own a company called Codyco, If you think the name is narcissistic than try making a good name for a car company using Adams, it’s not a bad name but it is hard to make a company name with that fits the reputation I’m going for. I also like to design or build things (I have built a custom calculator that I actually use, and that’s not all). I also am 33.3(ish) percent owner in a series of sorts. I love to read, like, a lot, and I’m actually exited for English class this year. My two favorite genres of book are Action and Mystery. I am also a gamer, a MASSIVE gamer, I play tons of games, I even make them, my favorite game of all time is Capcom’s Megaman 3, my two favorite genres of game are Platforming Games and Racing Games. I am also into cars, VERY into cars, (I’m not talking about the Pixar movie series.) My favorite car is the 2017 Ford GT. I love almost any genre of cars (Supercars/Sportscars, Muscle Cars, JDM etc). I’m ALSO (so many things) very into music, not only am I a music producer but I do music covers, remixes and I play 6 different instruments (does the harmonica count?). Anyway if you want a picture of me here is me (on the left) and my avatar, Mega (in the middle) and even my other avatar, Dragon Heart (on the right).